PTI starts two more registration camps for Azadi March in Peshawar [PTI Azadi March]

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Press Release: 6th Aug, 2014

PTI Peshawar have set up two more registration camps for Azadi March in which thousands of workers registered themselves on the first day of its inauguration. MPA Shaukat Yousafzai inaugurated the central camp in hashnagari. MPA Yasin Khalil, Town 1 president Gul Badshah, Spokesperson of Youth wing liaquat Yousafzai and thousands of workers were present at the inauguration ceremony. While addressing the workers Shaukat Yousafzai said that presence of masses have proved that today Imran Khans tsunami has gained even greater strength. He said that hundreds of thousands of workers will march towards the capital on 14th of August and will end the rein of corruption and tyranny. He further mentioned that PML-N has stolen the mandate of people and every step will be taken to bring the culprits to justice. We went to every institution and waited for 14 months to get justice but of no benefit. We were forced to come on streets and demand our rights. He added that PTI is not in favor of derailing democracy but is working to derail the current corrupt government. He further added that workers of PTI have responded to the call of Imran Khan and are determined to stage a sit in until our demands are accepted.
He added that all demands including midterm elections are all constitutional demands and if anyone tries to stop our march, we will deal with them with iron hands and all obstacles will be breached to reach Islamabad. PML-N government is ridden with inflation, insecurity, crimes and unemployment.
Advisor to Chief Minister Ishtiaq Urmar inaugurated another registration camp in Pandu Chowk during which thousands of PTI workers were present for registration. While addressing the crowd he said that 14th of Aug will mark the dawn of a new Pakistan in which the desires of people will be respected. The current government was successful in stealing the mandate of people but was ignorant of the fact that sooner or later they have to appear before people’s court. He said that people will stay in Islamabad until the demands are accepted and if the government tries to stop us, they will be held responsible for any situation that follows.