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The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has declared that construction work of Chasma lift Canal Project will be initiated in the next financial year at a cost of Rs.121 billion which will irrigate 246140 acre of land and benefit 0.25 million population of the area. This he said while talking to the elected representatives of the southern districts of the province at CM House today.
The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has asked environmentalists to play their role in progress and prosperity of the society by focusing on the promotion of indigenous research to find out local, cost effective and sustainable solution to the environmental challenges faced by the province .
The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtukhwa, Pervez Khattak while emphasizing the importance of sanitation for community health has said that cleanliness is an integral part of the faith adding that spending on maintenance of sanitation is the best instrument for controlling diseases in the society.

CM KPK Handout (3 Mar,2016)

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The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has directed the authorities concerned to complete preparatory measures for developing tourist spots of Kaghan and Mansehra in order to facilitate tourists saying that judicious utilization of available resources would be ensured in this regard.
Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has strongly condemned the terrorist attack at Bacha Khan University Charsadda and expressed his deepest sense of grief and sorrow on loss of precious lives. He also reiterated their commitment to continue struggle against terrorism and militancy till the end of the last terrorist.

CM Handout (14 Jan,2016)

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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said despite the provincial government’s remarkable reforms and initiatives for transforming the governance system, corrupt practices still prevail in pockets of certain departments and audit department should help the provincial government overcome such practices by making the audit process tougher and efficient.

CM KPK Press Release

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When the Speaker of Pakistan National Assembly and most important Ministries of Pakistan are being controlled by bogus representatives, how can we expect justice? How can we expect rule of law? We have to change the status quo and PTI is the only party which is challenged status quo
لاہور( )پاکستان تحریک انصاف پنجاب کے صدر اعجاز احمد چوہدری نے کہا ہے کہ منڈی بہاؤ الدین کے ضمنی الیکشن میں پی ٹی آئی بھرپور کامیابی حاصل کرے گی چئیرمین عمران خان نے مشاورت کے بعد میرٹ پر محمد طارق تارڑ کو این اے 108سے ٹکٹ جاری کیا ہے ، پارٹی کے عہدیداران وکارکنان ضمنی الیکشن میں پارٹی کی کامیابی کے لئے دن رات ایک کر دیں
NA-3 MPA Sajid Nawaz has announced that he will march from Jinnah Park in Peshawar on foot along with 13,000 workers and will reach Islamabad as ideological people do not need petrol or cars for bringing justice in the country.
Peshawar (9 Aug, 2014): MPA Pk 4 and Advisor to CM Arif Yousuf inaugurated a registration camp for Azadi March at Qayyum Stadium in which thousands of workers registered themselves on the first day of its inauguration.
Peshawar (9 Aug, 2014): A meeting of Peshawar region was held here at the provincial secretariat which was presided by Minister for education and President Peshawar region Atif Khan which took notice of the preparations for 14th Aug Azadi March and prepared a strategy for making the event a success in case of any unforeseen events.
Peshawar (7 Aug, 2014): PTI takes out Car, Motorcycle rally in PK-3.
Peshawar (6 Aug, 2014): PTI Peshawar have set up two more registration camps for Azadi March in which thousands of workers registered themselves on the first day of its inauguration.
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