CM KPK Addressing at Alamabad and Thanda Koi District Swabi (20 Feb, 2018)

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With the compliment of Press Secretary to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Handout No.1 Peshawar 20th February 2018

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said his government successful defeated the forces of status quo and introduced a durable system of governance for the provision of inexpensive justice, efficient educational, health and social services. His government introduced legislations for the elimination of corruption and upholding merit in the province, he added.

He said his government gave a transparent developmental strategy giving no room to commission mafia and ensured the right of deserving adding that education would stay at the top of his government priorities.

These remarks he made during his address to the inaugural ceremony of MM Alam Shaheed Welfare City at Swabi. He laid the foundation stone of the welfare city. Elite of the area, officers of the Air Force and family members of the MM Alam Shaheeed participated in the ceremony. Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, Speaker Provincial Assembly Asad Qaiser and others addressed the function and praised the provincial government reforms for the uniform educational system and elimination of corruption.

The Chief Minister appreciated Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, Speaker provincial assembly Asad Qaiser and others for their keen interest in the project and hoped that the project would go a long way in the development of the area and welfare of the people. Under the project, a technical college, hospital, separate colleges for boys and girls, special education center, schooling and sporting facilities for boys and girls would be created. The Chief Minister assured linking the Nabi bypass with the motorway interchange.

Pervez Khattak said that the status quo weakened not only the governance system but gave more loss to the country. The entire system was used to protect the interest of a group of individuals. Powers were unjustly used by the rulers in the past to gain their own motives who did not work for the future of the nation. He spoke how the politics of corruption, hypocrisy were introduced and the anti people leadership used politics for their own gain adding that the political leadership politicized the institutions making the entire system paralyzed and divided the people on multiple pretexts. The people grievances grew, unemployment rose, the future of the youth became dark and how a group of powerful elites made the whole nation hostage. These were the reasons that led the people to vote for a change, he added.

Pervez Khattak said the when he came to power he made legislations to bring to an end corrupt practices and uphold merit leading to facilitate the actual change adding that no one can deny the reality that reforms of his government made a big difference in both the delivery and mitigating the sufferings of poor.

The Chief Minister said that before his government the province was ungovernable partly because of the mis-governance and partly because of the terrorism adding that the people suffered heavily and sacrificed everything in the process. The people and the Pak Army collectively succeeded in eliminating terrorism and his government introduced reforms for good governance in all sectors that made a big difference, he added.

Pervez Khattak said education was at the top of his government priorities. It gave maximum resources to education in order to bring a change in the society. The reforms in education sector led the parents to shift their kids from private sector schools to the public sector schools and the numbers stands more than 1 lac and 60 thousands. He said his government recruited 57 thousands teachers on merit, gave training to 83 thousands teachers, revisited the standard of syllabi and upgraded hundreds of schools under the standardization program, made up missing facilities in 20 thousands schools out of the total 28 thousands schools and in the process spent Rs.35 billion on upgrading the primary school facilities alone, he added. He spoke in details regarding a uniform medium, the construction of additional rooms, recruitment of teachers and the relevant laws in this regard, he added.

Pervez Khattak said that his government established three new universities and completed 43 colleges out of the 90 colleges, his government has started adding that his government also gave financial incentives for Ph.D and MPhil faculty development and established nine home economic colleges under the new policy. A technical university in Nowshera, a cadet college for women in Mardan and the under construction applied sciences university in Haripur with the help of Malaysian government were some of the achievements in education sector. He also highlighted his government steps for the setting up of four public libraries at four districts, digitalizing the laboratories in 8 colleges and the introduction of four year degree program throughout the province. In Swabi alone his government gave one medical college, two technical colleges, a women university, University of technology and training college for construction machinery, he added. He said that work on Swat expressway was in full swing that would change the destiny of the people of the area.


Handout No.2 Peshawar 20th February 2018

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has lashed at his political opponents adding that they kept on hiding during their own rule, did a record corruption and become rich but made the people poor. ANP, MMA, PPP and PMLN had left behind a legacy of loot and plunder in all their rules. Imran Khan challenged and facilitated a change in the governance that eliminated the politics of corruption and deceit, he added.

He was addressing a public gathering at Tanda Koi during his day long visit to district Swabi. Speaker Provincial Assembly Asad Qaiser, MNA Aqibullah, the candidate for senate Faisal Javed and other spoke on the occasion. A local political leader Javed Iqbal, Anwar Qiash and Raza Khan along their companions and family members announced joining PTI and appreciated the provincial government’s steps for reforms in governance that included eliminating corruption and strengthening education and health sectors and making institutions strong and stable.

The Chief Minister appreciated the performance of Speaker KP Asad Qaiser and PTI MPAs and announced electricity projects worth Rs. 13 crores and 10 Km new roads adding that the work on the extension on Sui gas was in full swing with a cost of Rs. 1.5 billion. Talking about the upward trend of joining PTI by the workers of the other political party, he attributed it to the pro people policies of the provincial government. He said that PTI would give a defeat to all the political opponents. He said ANP ruled this province for three terms but each term brought along a new shape of devastation for the Pakhtoons. ANP used the name of Pakhtoon for the self gain and when reached to power did enmity with Pakhtoons. There third term was the worst when the province had the devastation of terrorism. He came hard on the PPP and MMA saying the former had a track record of corruption and the later used Shriah and left the people in the extreme sense of deprivation, he added.

Pervez Khattak talked about his government steps that included banning usury and private interest. It made mandatory Nazara along with Quran translation in schools and colleges, made first Muharram the public holiday, converted the mosque on solarization and sanctioned 10 thousand stipend for the Khutaba. Maulana Fazalur Rehman went vociferous against the welfare of Khutaba. He challenged Mulana Fazalur Rehman to tell anything he did good to Islam during his rule in the province.

Chief Minister said that this province used to be an unfeasible federating unit on multiple factors that included being at distance from the sea, non availability of raw material, lacking technically skilled people, in appropriate law and order situation and the lack of interest by industrialists and investors but now the situation changed considerably, the law and order situation improved and the investors were contacting his government for industrialization and making investment. His government made this province the most suitable destination for investment and industrialization, he added. He challenged the political leaderships adding that they could have done it during their rule and could have made this province stand on its own feet but unfortunately they could not see beyond their nose and did nothing for the people. He called upon the people to rise to the occasion and should not exercise their right of vote in favor of corrupt politicians. Imran Khan has emerged the undisputed leader who gave a vision to invest in human development, he added.

Pervez Khattak reminded his government reforms adding that his government focused on education, health, Police and reformed these sectors. It was unfortunate that institutions were politicized in the past but now we have a vision to make education the foundation of our development which could bridge the gap between rich and poor.


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20-feb20-2-18 Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak addressing public rally of PTI at village thand koi in swabi

20-feb20-2-18 Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak inaugurating work on Alamabad Welfare City under auspices of PAF at Nabi Village in Swabi