CM KPK Press Release (3 Aug,2017)

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With the compliments of Press Secretary to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

HANDOUT NO. 1 /Peshawar/Dt: 3-8-2017

Syed Zaheerul Islam, Secretary Mineral Development Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has contradicted a news item appeared in the News International and Daily Jang that appeared on 3-8-2017 regarding the illegal mining of Chromite Tehsil Tangi District Charsadda.
Refuting the news, the Secretary Mines termed the news baseless and contrary to the fact. “The allegations reported in the news for the illegal mining of Chromite in Tehsil Tangi District Charsadda is not based on facts and therefore denied in Toto”, he added. Clarifying the factual position in the written reputing statement, Secretary Minerals said that the minerals development department has constituted monitoring and vigilance teams comprising technical officers of the department to keep a close watch over the illegal mining throughout the province. The statement added there is no illegal mining of Chromite in Tangi area as reported by the two news papers. Therefore, the press report is baseless and was totally on heresy. The statement also referred to the mining lease of Chromite in Tangi, adding that the case is sub-judice in the Ehtesab Court Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and mining activities have since been ceased to exist in Tangi area.


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that his government pushed the goal post to its original position for quality education and healthcare in the province adding it cut down the unnecessary expenditure diverting it to productive sectors and expedited the reforms implementation process in the social sectors. He regretted the slow transfer of resources and the share of the province from the federal government adding his government has initiated different strategies for resource generation. He appreciated DFID for supporting different programs in the province and also appreciated the Asian Development Bank for different agreements providing loans in the power sector and Bus Rapid Transit Peshawar. He said the provincial government was ready for the merger of FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa however the course taken by the federal government was a slower and lacking sincerity to the merger.
These remarks he made while talking to Ms. Joanna Reid, Head of DFID Pakistan and her team who called on him at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. The outgoing Deputy Head DFID Pakistan Ms. Judith Herbertson, administrative secretaries, Head of Strategic Support Unit and others attended were present at the occasion. The Chief Minister appreciated DFID for its support in education, health, peace building initiative for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, accountability, humanitarian and strategic support unit. The education sector support program is GBP 283.2 million, however other commitment of the DFID included health sector, sub national governance program, peace building initiative for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AAWAZ Voice and Accountability and Humanitarian Program etc. Ms. Joanna Reid, appreciated the remarkable achievements of the provincial government and the Chief Minister in education, health and service delivery. She also appreciated the provincial government transparent working and elimination of corruption in public sector through different legislations in the province.
Spelling out his government priorities, the Chief Minister said that improvement of education, health and social sectors were the priority areas as these sectors were presenting the worst case scenario politicized by the successive governments in the province. His government took upon itself to take all out remedial measures to de-politicize these institutions and bring remarkable improvement in the social sector delivery in consonance with the people’s aspirations. His government worked on reforms with accelerated speed covering up the missing facilities in both education and health sectors and recruited doctors and teachers to complete the deficiencies in both sectors. He said it was not an easy task to complete because of the politicized playing fields in both sectors and the resource gap. However, despite all this, his government showed political commitment and provided a major chunk of resources for the improved quality of services in both the sectors, he added. He said the government efforts to eliminate the sell and purchase of marks and the government efforts to stop “booti mafia” resulted into an unwanted situation because of the fairness of marks exposed the weaknesses in the system. However, the reforms process would take few years to give good results.
Pervez Khattak regretted the slow process of transfer of resources from the federal government adding that it was obstructing reforms in the province. His government had a vision to overcome all missing facilities in both education and health sectors as when he took over the entire system was giving a desolate look. There was infrastructure but entirely unutilized therefore it took few years diverting resources to make its optimum utilization. He stopped politics in both sectors and discouraged transfers and postings on political grounds, he remarked.
Chief Minister said he had set the direction of the province, made a number of decisions for the resource generation in order to make the province stand on its own feet. He referred to the two housing schemes being launched with the FWO and a number of hydel power generation projects for widening the resource based of the province. His efforts attracted both the foreign and domestic investments that would spell out the prosperous future of the province. The province is fast becoming a business model capable of resource generation that was the agenda of change, he added.
Chief Minister also talked about various legislations including the conflict of interest, right to information and the whistle blower law that will totally eliminate corruption and bring transparency to the public dealing of all public sector institutions. However, his government was working on to create awareness about the ills being created by corruption and corrupt practices.
Chief Minister on a question about the merger of FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that the provincial government was ready for the merger but the federal government was not showing the kind of sincerity required for the merger in the near future. The officers of the provincial government were deputed to be part of the governance system in FATA. The only thing is the operational policing and that can be arranged from the F.C. for regular policing. He said Maulana Fazle Rehman was antagonist to the merger, probably he had a different agenda.
Regarding the loaning arrangement and the implementation process, the Chief Minister was all out for the speedy time line and implementation process for the efficient delivery in social sector. The government wanted to provide everything in all social sectors to the people as the people suffered considerably in the past.

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