CM KPK Presiding over a meeting on Zamung Kor and meeting on PDA

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With the compliment of Press Secretary to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

HANDOUT NO. 1 /Peshawar/DT: 25-7-2017

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has directed for the accelerated work on different intra-roads and pavement of streets in different localities of Peshawar adding that 70% resources should be spent on the reconstruction of roads and 30% on the pavement of streets as per the standardized formula of the government adding that different need driven and welfare oriented projects should be identified in different localities of Peshawar so that the provincial government could put them in the implementation phase. The whole exercise should be seen and taken as a part of the overall beautification drive of Peshawar City, he added.
He was presiding over a meeting to review the progress on different developmental projects initiated by Peshawar Development Authority in Peshawar City. MPAs Shaukat Yousafzai, Ishtiaq Urmarh, Arbab Jehandad Khan, Arif Yousaf, Yaseen Khalil, Mehmood Jan, Secretary Local Government Jamaluddin, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Muhammad Israr Khan and others attended.
Chief Minister addressing the meeting directed for the accelerated completion of different schemes in all constituencies of Peshawar. The tendering process should not go beyond six months rather it would be better to reduce the time duration for tendering and as such the schemes should be completed before the time tag. He also directed for the transparent utilization of these resources on the developmental schemes. The provincial government would arrange additional resources for different schemes which were need driven and required for certain localities. However, decision in this regard would be on a complete report of required number of schemes for the public welfare.
Pervez Khattak directed for the reconstruction and pavement of different footpaths at Khyber bazaar, Qissa Khwani Bazar and Chowk Yadgar. He also directed to find a solution to the closure of community tubewells. Expressing satisfaction over the performance of PDA, the Chief Minister directed to place the PDA Act in the agenda in the next cabinet meeting.

Earlier, the Chief Minister was briefed about the pace of progress on different developmental schemes taken in hand by PDA in Peshawar City. There are 60 schemes in 11 constituencies of Peshawar for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads and streets that would cost Rs. 1906. 283 million. These constituencies included one project in PK-1, two projects in PK-2, one project in PK-3, five projects in PK-4, nine projects in PK-5, eight projects in PK-6, eight projects in PK-7, two projects in PK-8, five projects in PK-9, five projects in PK-10, six projects in PK-11 and eight other miscellaneous projects. The schemes were in the implementation phase and work order for 15 schemes have been issued. Some of the schemes would be cleared by PDWP in its next meeting. Under the government policy, 70% resources would go to road construction and rehabilitation and 30% to streets pavement and rehabilitation. The meeting requested to increase spending limit for street construction from 30% to more for such areas where the reconstruction of the streets would require more funds and could not be paved and constructed with the 30% spending.
Pervez Khattak agreed to the proposal and added that the resources spending should be undertaken in each constituency when the elected representatives were in the loop for reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads and streets in their areas. However, transparency and work should be visible adding that additional resources would be arranged for areas where more schemes were needed. He assured that the provision of funds for the beautification of Peshawar would never be a problem, however, these resources should not be drained rather utilized for the public welfare.

HANDOUT NO. 2 /Peshawar/DT: 25-7-2017

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has approved a separate institute for the female destitute on the pattern of model institute “Zamung Kor”. The public welfare departments will run the institute and the Chief Minister directed to immediately plan it. He also directed to plan “Zamung Kor” at all divisional headquarters of the province. He also assured a separate hostel for the senior children in Peshawar. A comprehensive plan should be prepared in this regard, he directed.
He was presided over a meeting to review the progress on “Zamung Kor” at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Senior Minister for Social Welfare Sikandar Khan Sherpao and others attended the meeting. A presentation was arranged that focused on the vision, mission, targets, background, funding, monitoring, capacity and the facilities given to the children in the “Zamung Kor”. Initiated in 2015, the institute was fully operational under the vision of the provincial government. 142 children were in the institute, another 107 children were identified to be brought to the institute and the strength would rise from 300 to 400. The capacity of the institute could be enhanced to accommodate 1000 destitute children. The meeting was informed about the transparent monitoring committees constituted for the recruitment, admission of children, financial and planning and monitoring etc. All these activities are carried out under the law. The meeting was also informed about the grooming of children both the traditional and religious education, their training etc.
Chief Minister directed to plan the extension of institute at divisional level both for male and female. He directed to make mandatory Nazira Quran in the primary section of the institute and Quran along with translation upto 10th class in the syllabus of the institute. He also directed to arrange a permanent psychologist for the institute. The government wanted to provide modern education to the kids in these institutes. It is a unique model in the country and therefore the provincial government would never compromise on the protection, caring, training and education of kids.
Pervez Khattak said he would soon convene a meeting of the Board of Governors of the project in order to make some critical decisions to achieve the goals behind the institute. The extension of this institution to the divisional level would bring a far reaching impacts, training the destitute children to contribute to the national development.
Chief Minister highlighting the mainstreaming of street children said that any government and society could not escape its responsibilities to own the street children, provide them modern education and train them to the required level to become the constructive part of the society. They would have to be seen as the equal stakeholder in the national development. The only thing the government and the society should do is to give them environment and should not see them on the burden of the society. Collectively the government and the society have shared responsibilities to do justice to the street children.

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