CM KPK Press Release (4 May,2017)

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With the compliment of Press Secretary to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Handout No.1 Peshawar 4th May 2017
Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that his government established information technology board to equip our youth with the innovative technology as the future economy would be based on digitalization. He said his government was going all out to stabilize the socio economic development and we are using our natural advantages on productive lines adding that our human resource development was the key to our economic development.
He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of digital seminar co-sponsored by Information Technology Board and World Bank. Minister for Health Shahram Khan Tarakai, Secretary Information Technology Daud Khan, Country Director World Bank, Country head UNDP, USAID, USID, GIZ and other international organization officials attended.
The Chief Minister was taken aback by the ground reality that when they have the resources and the required level of commitment and at the same time we are going to the adaptability of innovative technologies coupled with pro investment policy and clear cut targets and still we are laggard. This cannot be our destination but with the right approach and the flawless planning we would move forward to get our targets, he added.
Pervez Khattak said that his government allured the domestic and foreign investors through unmatched incentives and at the same time it formed the Information Technology board in order to remove the hopelessness of the youth. Rest assured the future of the youth was bright as the process of development and prosperity of the province initiated by his government would take them to their destination.
The Chief Minister said that CPEC converted the unfeasible province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa into the most feasible destination for investors. We would never look to others but would work for ourselves. When we have resources then we need not to look to others for loan but our priorities is alluring the investors to come forward, invest in this province and get more dividend.
Pervez Khattak said that the new age had brought along new dimensions of development that created a big scope for the youth. The development of the youth ranked at the top in his government priorities, he added. He also talked about the sports ground constructed for the youth and other recreational and sporting facilities including training them to become the true work force for the industrialization in the province.
The Chief Minister said that when he took over all public sector institutions were not delivering, there was a political interference and the rulers had been self centric adding that none planned the future of the nation. Therefore he took upon himself to revamp the system making the institutions to deliver and the process still continued. He hoped that soon there would be a transparent and free corruption field everywhere in the province.
Referring to the benefit of CPEC the Chief Minister said that it would usher in a true development era in the province. He succeeded to negotiate an alternative route starting from Gilgit via shandur Chitral, Dir to Chakdara. He deplored the federal government approach towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa adding that our province was kept in the dark for two years but later we realized and started our own efforts, went to China, held a Road Show and succeeded in signing 82 MoUs in different sectors out of the hundred projects that we took to the Beijing Road Show. He hoped that the province would be the end beneficiary of the CPEC. He assured against taking loans that he added would over burden the already sagging financial health of the country. He called upon the youth to get the technological knowhow to contribute towards the rapid development of their country. He welcomed both domestic and foreign delegates and assured them that their recommendations would shape up the future digitalization process in the province.

Handout No.2 Peshawar 4th May 2017
Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak Thursday said that human development as well as checking losses of lives in natural disasters is prime obligation of PTI-led KP government that is fully focused from the very beginning. He said the devastating floods in 2010 inflicted losses to thousands of human lives and damaging properties of billions rupees worth that provided food for thought to the past regimes to rectify the basic strategy but it was simply ignored. However, he said, the present KP government has given top most priority to better cope with natural calamities and minimizing its damages considerably side by side with reforming other social sectors. “We are winning if we spend a fraction of resources on floods control and early warning system to save thousands of precious lives and properties of billions of worth”, he added.
The Chief Minister directed the authorities for starting global standard of embankment of all rivers and nullahs in the province, conducting survey on scientific basis for the purpose and submitting its report to him in the earliest. He further directed to make the criteria of embankment as per the highest flow of floods in a particular river or nullah in order to bring down the possibilities of faults in human estimations in this regard. He said our province faced worst kinds of natural disasters due to its specific geographic location that was tantamounting to loss of thousands of lives and properties. He said remedial measures for improving the situation were essential.
He was addressing the briefing after inaugurating the early flood warning system and latest emergency operation center at PDMA in Civil Secretariat Peshawar. It may be recalled that PDMA was established in 2012 with financial and technical assistance of UNDP, Japan and EU but lacked latest real time technology and early warning system that caused increased human and material losses in case of emergencies. The Chief Minister noticed this situation and directed for improving the system accordingly.
On this occasion Pervez Khattak was briefed that revamping of Provincial Emergency Operation Center and Establishment of MIS section was an ADP scheme of Provincial Disaster Management Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (PDMA). The inaugurated component consists of establishment of control room in the Commissioner Peshawar’s office and revamping of PDMA’s PEOC. Establishment of similar control rooms in the remaining 6 Divisional Headquarters and installation of latest equipments including climatic radars at strategic places to be completed shortly. The Chief Minister was given demonstration on connectivity between PDMA KP and National Disaster Management Authority office Islamabad via video-link.
The Provincial Emergency Operation Center (PEOC) is now being revamped with the KP government’s own resources in order to further strengthen response, relief and coordination mechanism among the stakeholders and to enable it to respond better to the ever growing needs of Disaster Management and its reduction. The PEOC is being upgraded as a hub of coordination and also a call center for timely response in times of Natural calamities and man-made disasters. The short code 1700 has been installed for quick response during emergency situation and for grievance redressal to ensure immediate Relief to the affected population. Under the same project, Corporate SMS service has been acquired from Telenor having masking with PDMA KP to improve early warning system and quick information dissemination in order to mitigate the impact of disasters. All the districts are connected to PEOC and it plays the role of a bridge-- connecting the provincial govt with line departments. Disaster Management Information System has been developed and implemented for real time data gathering and analytical report generation. Besides, the project will provide the much needed logistic support in the form of office spaces and allied facilities to the upcoming HR specialists in the field of GIS, MIS, and fiber optic based communication experts and satellite communication experts.
This project will also enable PDMA to install Early Warning Systems in coordination with Metrological Department on different source tributary points of rivers in the northern Pakhtunkhwa. It will disseminate live streams of water levels and rain precipitation information in real times and will warn about flash flooding. The Digital Elevation models and satellite imagery will enable decision makers to plan effectively for risk mitigation. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will be implemented to integrate all the sections of PDMA and a centralized database will be established for data sharing.
The Chief Minister appreciated the efforts of Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Department and Provincial Disaster Management Authority and promised continued support of the provincial government in order to make KP disaster resilient.

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