CM KPK Press Release ,15-4-2017

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Handout No.2 Peshawar 15thApril 2017

KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said his government made the public sector institutions apolitical that started delivering. It was a promise made with the people by PTI for a change. The people accepted it because they did not want the continuation of the corrupt system adding that discriminatory approach and bad governance of the past had created problems in the society and that had divided the people in different groupings. He called upon the people to make the people understand the real meaning of change. He said that it was understandable that the elements who were sycophants can hardly understand what the change is. His government provided even playing fields to all and the deserving would get their rights and there would be no injustice to anyone.

These remarks he made while talking to different delegations from Charsadda, Shabqadar and Kohat the other day. He was also interviewed by private television channel. The Chief Minister called upon the media and the elected representatives to interpret properly the meaning of change. He lamented that the previous rulers got votes on different slogans but never delivered to the people. His government within a short span of time made remarkable achievements including introduction of Nazra Quran and translation in the schools throughout the province. His government diagnosed the weaknesses and wrongs in the society. It stopped the wrongs and started a journey to reconstruction adding that now the people would not be deceived with the catchy slogans.

Pervez Khattak said that the people friendly governance in the province exposed misdeeds of the previous rulers. Now the people make a comparison what the previous rulers did and what his government was doing. He referred to the law & order situation adding that his government was onboard in the whole process of intelligence gathering and sharing exercises. An isolated incident or mishaps should not be seen as the overall performance of police adding that his government gave a system for delivery and if any weaknesses were there that could be addressed too. He also talked about the successful drive of Billion Tree Tsunami and the investment coming to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He also drew a comparison between Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit and other such projects elsewhere in the country adding that Peshawar Rapid Bus would be completed with less resources and would have more facilities as compare to other such projects. He said that circular railway project would connect six districts and would become part of CPEC. He said that his government transparently gave leasing documents 13 investors for seven cement factories in the presence of media adding that still he believe that construction of roads was not the only sign of development. The real development is the introduction of real system that could deliver.

The Chief Minister approved different development schemes in Kohat, Charsadda and Shabqadar. Provincial Ministers Muzafar said advocate, Muhammad Atif Khan, Shah Farman and Advisor to CM Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani were present on the occasion.