More than 400,000 people will participate in Azadi March from KP: Ziaullah Afridi [PTI Azadi March]

Monday, 11 August 2014 13:53 | READ 10686 TIMES Written by 
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Provincial Minister for Minerals and Advisor to CM Ishtiaq Urmar stated that more than 400,000 people will participate in Azadi March on 14th Aug. If Imran Khan is detained or If our workers are stopped from entering Islamabad then alternate routes will be used but presence in Islamabad will be ensured at any costs. These views came during a press conference here at Peshawar Press club.
Barrister Salman Afridi, PTI central secretary for Law was also present at the conference. While addressing media representatives, MPA Ziaullah Afridi stated that 40,000 workers from Peshawar have been registered and around 400,000 people from all over KP will take part in Azadi March. He stated that today at 7:00 PM a cathartic rally will be held in Peshawar which will start from Hashnaghari and after passing through Peshawar City, will reach Saddar where the rally will come to an end. The provincial leadership of PTI will also take part in the rally. He also advised the workers to come fully prepared for the Rally with food and water supplies as according to PTI Chairman, there will be no return till acceptance of demands.

Minister Ziaullah Afridi and MNA Sajid Nawaz Press conference news