YW will reach Islamabad on 14th breaching all obstacles: Sajjad Fayyaz Khan [25 July, 2014]

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Press Release: 25-7-2014

A grand convention of Insaf Youth Wing (IYW) was held here at Peshawar which was attended by members of the provincial assembly and party provincial leadership. While addressing the Iftar dinner party, Provincial President IYW said that 14th August will be a historic day in the history of Pakistan and members of the youth wing will reach Islamabad breaching all obstacles that come in their way. He said this convention was only the beginning and on 26th they will visit Abbotabad and the next day a similar convention will be held in Dir. After eid, conventions will be held all over KPK including Swat, Charsadda, Bannu, DI Khan, Manshera, Swabi, Mardan and Nowshera to mobilize people to march on the capital on 14th of August.
While addressing the youth of Peshawar, Secretary General, KPK, Khalid Masood stated that the general elections were rigged in Punjab. “It is an irony that a government which claims to be the representatives of the people are afraid from recounting of votes in four constituencies. If this simple demand were accepted; all this situation would not have formed in the first place.”, he added.
While addressing the youth, MPA Fazal e Ilahi praised thir efforts and assured full support to the youth in making 14th of August a historic event. MPA Shaukat Yousafzai said corrupt elements have already started to fear PTI march for justice and are running for their life by giving away the administration of the capital to Army. General Secretary youth wing, Eng Nasir Iqbal said that Pakistan Army will never side with tyrants and will always work for the stability and development of Pakistan.
Noor Ghazali, Vice President, KPK, also condemned the attacks of Israel in Innocent Palestinians and said appealed to the MPAs to record their protest in the assemblies by passing resolutions against these atrocities. He said that at the time of independence, Quaid-e-Azam was supported by youth which made the dream of Pakistan change into a reality. Once again the youth of Pakistan will bring true independence and change in Pakistan by rooting out the corrupt elements from the country.

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