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Islamabad (25 December, 2011): Three big screens were installed to facilitate Imran Khan’s lovers at the venue, who for one reason or the other, could not travel to Karachi to be a part of their party’s public meeting. PTI workers resorted to massive sloganeering at D-Chowk, which resounded, tinged with drumbeats and dance by some of them.There was a link between those, enjoying moments in front of the great Quaid’s mazar and those who had gathered at the Parade Avenue.
Islamabad, Rawalpindi (24 December, 2011): It is indeed pleasures to tell you that PTI Islamabad and Rawalpindi workers and supporters have arranged giant screens to show live streaming of our Karachi Jalsa.I here invite you all to join us at D-chowk, Aashiana Center, Rahmanabad Chowk, or Murree Road, Rawalpindi today at 2pm , 25th Dec,2011 to mark these days or revolution.
Islamabad (December 16, 2011) : While opposing the imposition of martial law in the country, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  chief Imran Khan made it public that PTI would resist any unconstitutional move, as his party believed in democratic system. He said the PTI was standing shoulder to shoulder with the Supreme Court in this regard would leave no stone unturned to implement its decisions in true letter and spirit. He said this in a press conference arranged for joining of Justice (Retd) Chaudhry Tariq, former provincial minister Col (Retd) Mohammad Anwar, former MPAs Abbas Mohiuddin and Chaudhry Nazar Gondal and others in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.
 Mrs. Kasuri spoke at Comsats University of Information and Technology(CUIT) in Islamabad about the urgent need for society to be more acceptable of the handicapped. She stressed that it was important for governments to have policies in place that were specific to the needs of people with disabilities. She said Allah has endowed each and every person with some gift or the other and those who are disabled must not be rejected. Instead they must be provided specialized education and training , so as to ensure their growth and development as regular citizens.
 Islamabad ( )  Haseena Moeen and other notable women join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in Joint Press conference with women wing President Mrs.Fauzia Kasuri in Islamabad.
 Citizens of Islamabad are appealing to extend the date of voter registration, as the election commission teams are not visiting in their areas to register their votes. Families, still not register their votes please contact PTI-Islamabad Office or call: 051-5382894  
Islamabad ( ) Insaf Students Fedration Islamabad leadership interviews in News-Mart Forum regarding 30th-Oct Jalsa in Lahore.
All of us feel frustrated, defeated, and anxious so often that we tell ourselves, “something’s got to give”, on a daily basis. Indeed it’s a critical time for Pakistan and we all feel the heat and have an urge to get organized and do something constructive, a time to stand up and be counted. There’s no point in just thinking and debating anymore; it’s time to act, to save Pakistan. Let us start today, get organized, and take charge of the country that’s rightfully ours.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the winds of change are blowing across the entire national spectrum which will destroy the citadels of corruption of the ruling mafias who have looted and destroyed the country. He was addressing a press conference at PTI Central Secretariat in Islamabad on the eve of Brigadier (Retired) Ismail Khan from PF 23 and Ahmad Habib Kundi from D. I. Khan joining the party along with hundreds of their supporters

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 The PTI has finsalized the arrangements for the dharna in front of parliament on Saturday. The first in a series of Ramadan protests which are unprecedented in Pakistan’s history. The protests would be led by the PTI Chairman Imran Khan. The schedule of events include Iftari, followed by Namaz and Tarawee to be followed with speeches and political skits by renowned artists.
 PTI Secretary General Dr Arif Alvi demands government to clarify stance over Shamsi Airbase. The letter which is written to America should be presented to Media, he added.
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday alleged that Rs70 billion funds of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) were being misused by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) for the preparation of next election and buying people’s loyalties.
 PTI Chairman Imran Khan has condemned the Karachi blasts. He said that provincial and federal governments have completely failed to maintain law and order in the country.  
Altaf Hussain called chairman Imran Khan to discuss Raymond Davis and drone attack issue. The former appreciated Imran Khans efforts to raise these issues at National level.

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 Islamabad: PTI CEC meeting held in Central Secretariat, Presided by Imran Khan on January 23, 2011 . PTI declaration says that Parliament is most responsible for National Security . Current Parliament is dummy which declares himself as Superior. Govt. is busy in killing the innocent Pakistani Citizens on the name of "War against Terror”.
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