Chairman Imran Khan's Appeal

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Imran Khan's Appeal to Overseas Pakistanis For Raiwand March

Dear PTI,

The PTI USA LLC would like to thank you for your loyal support. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated and deeply valued. Recently, we have been informed by our Chairman Imran Khan that PTI needs funds to keep our efforts going. Please see the video link below.

Pakistan is in a defining moment. PTI is pressuring the law enforcing institutions to take action againest all the corrupt elite in Pakistan. Our institutions have become subservient to the corrupt elite. Due to the current situation PTI is left with no choice but to exercitse its democratic right to initiate country-wide street protest.

Please support us with your donations for Raiwand March. We will be grateful for your generous donation and active participation.

Let us all work together for a corruption free and prosper Pakistan where eveyone is held accountable.


Please click on the link below

PTI PayPal


Board of Directors,


Dr. Mohammad Razaq,(President and Treasurer)

Dr. Aftab Hussain (VP)

Mr. Ali Asim Khan (IT and Media Secretary)

Ms.Sherry Khan (General Secretary)

Mr.Qamar Z. Khan (Board Member)

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Click here for Chairman Imran Khan's message For Raiwand march