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Sunday 5th August 2012: Mohammed Amin in Redditch hosted an iftar dinner at Rasoi Restaurant, in the honour of Mr. Bhatti Farhat Fahim
  July 8th, 2012: PTI North West UK is delighted to announce the highly successful launch of PTI office in Rochdale. 
  Today the PTI London hosted an event in North London area. PTI Gen Sec Dr Arif Alvi and CVP Ejaz Chaudhry were the chief guests. The event also marked the formal inauguration of UK wide membership drive. PTI London event management team organised membership desk and online membership kiosks.
London: Dr Arif Alvi then met the UK elected bodies and members of ‘London Event Committee’ at a Central London location. Dr Alvi said that he was looking forward to meet the elected bodies as this was his first visit to UK since the elections here. He said that overseas Pakistanis are our greatest asset and PTI consider its overseas chapters very important for the whole movement.

PTI South-West Swindon Launch

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