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PTI UK Voting Process Announced

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 14:44 | READ MORE
Khalid Farooq, Ashfaq Virk, Amjad Khan organisted the PTI open days for members of Pakistani community to come and have a chat with visionary comrades of PTI UK. There were many comrades turn up in to meeting including Saad Abbasi, Jawaid Bhati, Sheebeer barlas, Ahmad Zafar, Shahid choudry, Bobby Malik, Raja Mansoor, Raja Khuram Neem,Ejaz Quyam, Timoor Abbasi and many more comrades were present at the meeting.
Monday 19th November 2012 at Desi Khana PTI West Midlands hosted a successful lunch in the honour of Dr Humayun Mohmand secretary international affairs alongside Raja bhatti Farhat Fahim sb. 

PTI Tsunami hits Slough Town

Monday, 26 November 2012 13:10 | READ MORE
Slough town played host to Imran Khan, the epicentre of the political phenomena called Tsunami, on Sunday 18th November in a packed venue at The Centre in Farnham road for a fund raising dinner. 
(Manchester – 24/11/2012) President NorthWest PTI UK and rest of NorthWest team with PTI Bolton team arranged a big Jalsa in Bolton on 20th Nov 2012. The chief guest was Dr Humayun Mohmand, Head of PTI International Chapters along with Farhat Faheem Bhatti, and Deputy Head of PTI International chapters. The event was hosted by PTI Bolton town organiser, Mr Naveed Akhtar Bhatti along with other major personalities of Bolton, namely, Mohammed Arif, Sher Khan, Mr SanaUllah and Munawar Hussain. 
 (Manchester 24.11.2012) – Head of PTI International Chapters Dr Humayun Mohmand was in UK for a few days to visit different town and cities including Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bradford.
The Bury Branch of Pakistan Tareek E Insaf organised another very successful community celebration event attended by over 200 people from all backgrounds including the general community members (women and men) including students, businessmen, professionals and politicians.
  PTI North West UK is delighted to announce the achievement of another milestone by successfully launching of PTI Bolton chapter. This is another exemplary and incredible work by PTI NW and PTI team Bolton who worked very hard and had invested significant time, efforts, resources in securing and completing the promises.
PTI South West hosted a lovely iftar dinner in Bristol to celebrate Pakistan Day on August 14th. Around 150 PTI members and locals gathered to participate in the event which was attended by special guests Ch. Nasir Ahmed Chappar (PP115) & Raja Naeem Nawaz (PP114).