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 Arrived in Bury at Jumma prayers. Bury is known to have a large number of PMLN and PPP supporters, we arrived out side the Khizra Masjid an found very good response. 
Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan and Dr, Hamayun Mohmand congratulated PTI UK elected team. 
 PTI London has planned a mass protest outside High Commission of Pakistan on Sunday to demand voting rights for overseas Pakistanis. Asim Ali Shah, PTI’s media secretary told The News that the ECP approach was “sluggish” and through protest in London “we will demand our right to vote”.  
  PTI UK 2nd elected body had a Strategy and Action Plan meeting on 24th March 2013 at Desi Express Birmingham. PTI West Midlands hosted the meeting.  

PTI UK Elections Nominees Announced

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PTI UK Voting Process Announced

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Khalid Farooq, Ashfaq Virk, Amjad Khan organisted the PTI open days for members of Pakistani community to come and have a chat with visionary comrades of PTI UK. There were many comrades turn up in to meeting including Saad Abbasi, Jawaid Bhati, Sheebeer barlas, Ahmad Zafar, Shahid choudry, Bobby Malik, Raja Mansoor, Raja Khuram Neem,Ejaz Quyam, Timoor Abbasi and many more comrades were present at the meeting.