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Please see below the screenshot of membership by region (provisional) submitted by ‘Finance board UK’. This does not include all the bank memberships after Friday 3pm, they will be matched on Monday.  

UK Membership snapshot report 2017

Sunday, 19 February 2017 08:51 | READ MORE
Finance board UK has submitted the following “membership snap shot report” to the Election Commission UK for the sake of transparency (at 12:30 am on 19/02/2017).
Election Commission UK informs all members for pending payments. Follow the link below to make payments by debit or credit card;  
Guidelines for PTI overseas intra party electionsPTI UK Elections 2017
Election Commission UK informs all members that the deadline for paid membership is 18/02/2017. Those who are paying their membership through bank payments, it is mandatory to make payments within deadline.

PTI UK Chapter Elections

Friday, 26 August 2016 17:36 | READ MORE
This OIC Memo is for attention of all members of the UK Chapter
PTI UK senior leadership met today (Saturday 28 May 2016) with Secretary Office of International Chapters (OIC) Mr. Shahid Hussain & Deputy Secretary Mr. Farhat Faheem. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future structure of PTI UK.
This is to reiterate that any additional posts and positions created within a region are completely legal.
After a recent visit by PTI UK/Europe Delegation to Islamabad Secretariat and discussion with Leadership and OIC, it has been decided to reduce membership fee to 18 pound for UK and 20 euros for Ireland

PTI UK Paid Membership

Sunday, 06 September 2015 15:54 | READ MORE
This is just to inform everybody that as per CFB, any paid membership carried out in UK must not be less then 36 pounds per annum and must be paid inofficial PTI UK bank account given on this website, No ONE ALLOWED Separate fee structure and NO FREE FOR ALL FUND RAISING ALLOWED.
PTI London meeting chaired by PTI London President Waheed Ur Reham Mian and participated by the full elected body of PTI London.
Empowerment and recognition of overseas chapters in Europe was a dream for years. Today after holding 4th consecutive elections in UK and 10th elections in Europe in last 8 months with around 10,000 paying membership is an evidence of a first ever elected structure in Europe which is unmatched by any other political party of Pakistan.
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