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Kashmir Day Function in Riyadh

Saturday, 11 February 2017 10:04 | READ MORE
PTI Saudi Arabia Central region has achieve their first level membership and completed the membership of 100 MCs.
This is to notify that Following Election Commission has formed with consensus from all stakeholders. This Election Commission shall be working in direct coordination with Office of Chief PTI Organizer Middle East (Mr. Zulqiurnain Ali Khan) to conduct free & transparent Intra-Party Elections in PTI KSA (2016-17). All other Committees, CEC, Groups, Wings, Panels etc. are hereby null and void.
The PTI KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Chapter Intra Party Election is being updated to provide more time to make paying members and to provide equal opportunity to all the segments of chapter across the Kingdom, as the major impact on membership was the Haj season in Saudi Arabia
PTI Chief Organizer MiddleEast met with different PTI UAE teams and Elected Bodies on 13th Aug 2016 in Dubai.
I would like to form an Election Committee that shall under my direction coordinate with the teams and MCs on the ground to carryout day to day tasks and activates. It is very important for us to work as a team in a professional manner, thus communication is the first step towards our goal.
Reference to notification published on 05th May (attached) by PTI election commission,پریس-ریلیز Secretary of OIC Shahid Hussain is pleased to greet all PTI overseas family to secure the right to participate in Intra party elections of PTI. After this successful development, Secretary OIC is delighted to launch paying membership drive in KSA with the following guidelines:  

Press Release Iqbal Day 2015

Monday, 23 November 2015 10:29 | READ MORE
PTI Riyadh Chapter organized a colorful event to celebrate the Iqbal Day in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 12th November, 2015, participated by Pakistani Community in large number from all walks of life.
I congratulate you for becoming the first chapter in middle-east to have democratic setup, we all know its not as simple as it sounds, there were tremendous challenges and hurdles in transitioning from selected bodies to elected ones and finally sanity prevailed. It couldn't have been possible without certain individuals and teams who worked in symphony and dedication to make this a reality.
Subsequent to the appointment of the Chief Elections Commissioner on 24 March 2015, the one clause of the TORs, which attracted the maximum interest was the first one which said that the EC will be responsible to hold elections within the country and ABROAD. Since the OIC, whose Secretary is duly elected, has been holding elections of various chapters heretofore, it was assumed that their powers will be stripped. This caused maximum uncertainty and confusion, specially in the UK chapter, as elections there had been announced.
A step toward change is difficult and first few steps are the toughest.
The moment has arrived for Saudi Chapter, 7th May 2015 will be the cut-off date for membership drive. We believe that very important milestone is achieved in terms of setting up proper organized structure in the region. We request all panels to deposit membership fees (if they hold any) to designated places by CODon 7th May 2015.
EC comprising of Mr Zaid B Hashamt (Chief EC), Mr Hamid Sana (Member EC), Mr Ahmad Jawad (Member EC) in consultation with DSOIC Mr Shahid Hussain announces following:-

PTI Saudi Arabia - Press Release

Saturday, 11 April 2015 00:00 | READ MORE
OIC announces intra-party election for the very first time in KSA. It wouldn't have been possible without tireless efforts from several dedicated party workers. Elections will be held on 15-May-2015 and membership cutoff date would be 07-May-2015 (12:00 AM KSA time).
It is with great honor and pleasure we announce intra-party election for the very first time in KSA. It wouldn't have been possible without tireless efforts from several dedicated party workers. Elections will be held on 15-May-2015 and membership cutoff date would be 07-May-2015 (12:00 AM KSA time).
Dear All, I recently visited Saudi Arabia to address multiple issues party was facing in this region for last few years, during my four days tour, I visited Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, Dammam and Riyadh and met with PTI officials appointed by OIC and also had a meeting with multiple groups working independently in KSA. I listened to all stake holders to address their concerns; majority had concerns about bringing a system in the party followed by election.
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