MoM - CO ME Meeting with KSA Regional Body (West)

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پاکستان تحریک انصاف

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

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Chief Organizer – Middle East

Chief Organizer-ME Meeting with KSA Regional Body (West)

Minutes of Meeting


25th Feb, 2017

Meeting Ref.#



Jeddah, Western Region - KSA





Zulqarnain Ali Khan

Chief Organizer-ME


Riaz Ahmad Badani



Sultan Abdul Basit

President West Region


Syed Rashid Ali Shah

Vice President West Region


Qasim Dasti

General Secretary West Region


Zahid Mehmood Awan

Information Secretary West Region



  • Meeting PTI ME KSA Chapter – West Region

Mr. Zulqarnain Ali Khan held the first progress meeting with Elected Regional Body (West Region) after the Regional Elections 2017. Mr. Sultan Abdul Basit (Presideint West Region) and Mr. Qasim Dasti (General Secretary) were not able to attend the meeting due to their personal reasons. They delegat Vice President Syed Rashid Ali Shah for President and Information Secretary Zahid Mehmood Awan for General Secretary in this first and important Meeting (was confirmed by President over the phone).

  • Formation of Executive Body

According to the Notification issued on 2nd January, 2017, the Executive Body to form by the Regional President with 4 Regional Elected Members and 3 executive positions for Finance & Women Representaion, this has not yet formed on which Chief Organizer show concerns and ask to expedite on the matter in order to start the proper execution of Regional affairs.

  • Makkah City Body Elections

The Makkah City already achieved 16 MCs which is double to the minimum critera 8 MCs, and no action been taken by Regional President for the City Elections / City Elected Body, also not even any coordination shown by Reional President with MCs of Makkah, which created the situation in Makkah City that PTI workers start loosing the trust on party and all registered MCs alongwith signature escalated the matter to Chief Organizer-ME.

This was agreed to conduct the elections process through Election Commission urgently.

  • City Bodies Elections

This was agreed that Election process through Election Commission shall be conducted in all the Cities in West Region where the City Criteria fulliflled. This in order to complet the structure of Western Region.

The Regional Elected Body shall work on the Cities through registered MCs where the criteria not yet met.

  • Monthly Progress

This is agreed that Regional Elected shall focus on the progress of West Region and Progress Report shall be submitted regularly each month to Chief Organizer – ME