Press Release: Sec. International Chapters(OIC) Meeting with the Chairman (Jan 18, 2016)

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Sec International OIC, Mr Shahid Hussain had a very productive meeting with the Chairman in Islamabad. The meeting objective was to provide an update on OIC operational activities from all regions where elected chapters exist and also an update on the activities on the formation of new chapters.

The scope of the meeting also extended to discussing future projects and institutional development of Office of International Chapters.

Discussed areas of discussion with the Chairman given below:

  1. Chairman has agreed to hold an annual OIC conference in Islamabad, Pakistan. The purpose of this is to bring all Elected Bodies of various chapters around the world to have direct exposure and share their experiences with the Chairman and party senior leadership. This will enable a great step for the party to bring harmony and cohesion within International Chapters and it will also aid teams in Pakistan and OIC Chapters to freely exchange their views, experiences, and issues.
  2. Also Sec International provided an input that OIC will develop a dynamic portal on where all information will be available how it interacts with the elected bodies, formation of new chapters and various other procedures. Chairman was pleased to hear that finally OIC is developing its code of conduct and it will be a great help in institution building.
  3. Also Sec International highlighted the need and its importance for inclusion of overseas paid members in Intra party elections in Pakistan, the right to vote. Chairman advise was to bring this recommendation to PTI EC and lets see whether this requirement can be taken care of or not.
  4. Also in relation to PTI USA LLC role in USA as an independent body working with OIC was discussed and it will be further pursued by Sec International OIC to liaise with them and get the momentum going as USA Chapter needs to be brought into OIC and the formation of elected chapter
  5. All appointed positions within OIC must work within their jurisdiction and areas of responsibilities
  6. OIC Secretariat will be set up in Islamabad
  7. PTI EC will announce the OIC Election Commission in few weeks as well
  8. Chairman expressed great satisfaction with all the updates and urged that his message to build PTI an institution whether in Pakistan or abroad and to remain united for the cause and its vision.