PTI Holland’s loss, PTI Islamabad’s gain as Dr. Hammad Cheema leaves: Dr. Gulsher Khaliq

Friday, 18 June 2010 23:39 | READ 8791 TIMES Written by 
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A sad day for PTI Holland as Dr. Hammad Cheema has left for Pakistan permanently. After doing his PHD he had several good offers for a good job in Holland but Dr. Hammad Cheema returned to Pakistan to serve the nation. He had also the option of taking the Dutch nationality for himself and for his family but he declined this and wanted to keep hold of his Green Passport.


Dr. Hammad who has been working very hard to improve PTI all over the world. Most of you know him through his work on the website, but he has been very instrumental in getting several European Chapter’s organized. His work for PTI Holland was inspirational. A farewell function was organized at the residence of Dr. Gulsher Khaliq as Dr. Hammad vowed to keep working hard for PTI.


Dr. Hammad will be working and living in Islamabad and is surely to become an asset for PTI Islamabad.

dr. Gulsher Khaliq

Membership coordinator, PTI Holland