Announcements by Election Commission PTI Greece regarding Intra-Party Elections and Non Voters List

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 19:50 | READ 3075 TIMES
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Election Commission PTI Greece would like to make following announcements regarding Greece intra-party elections

  1. UK Finance board has reported that there were technical problems in Greek telecommunication system and there were problem in delivering and receiving the messages. So with consultation it is announced that the voting time is extended till tomorrow (03-06-15) 04 PM.
  2. UK Finance Board have provided a unique number to send the vote, the mobile number for sending vote to is 00447860052901.
  3. Only those members can cast their votes whose votes were already not delivered.
  4. Votes from unregistered numbers will be excluded.
  5. In case of duplicate texts the first text that is valid will be taken rest will be ignored.
  6. Members with American cities have been removed and will not be allowed to vote as it seems they lied on membership form.

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