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PTI Europe - Guidelines on Designations/Appointments
PTI France Celebrates 23 March day in Paris
PTI France congratulate military leadership and scientists for successful experiment of Shaheen III
Fabulous Loyalty Oath Ceremony of PTI France Under the aegis of President Mr. Umar Rahman, the fabulous oath taking ceremony of PTI France was held in Paris at Shah Nawaz banquet Hall on 23rd February, 2015. The newly elected team; President Mr. Umar Raham, Vice President Mr. M. Asghar Burhan, G.Sec Mr. Rana Imran and Info. Sec Mr. Afzaal Ahmed Gondal received congratulations for being elected democratically. Sub-bodies and wings were also announced; thus the respective elected nominees received their notifications also. PTI France members wished them best of luck and courage for their future tasks and hoped to see PTI France as a flourishing political party. Chief guests Mr. Qamar Abbas Bosal (PTI candidate from NA 109, Mandi Bahaudin), &Mr. Shaukat Hayat Ranjha (senior Leader of PTI M B Din ) and PTI France worker presented their heartily tribute to the newly elected PTI France team for organizing such a fantastic program. The ceremony also caused a lot of stir within the political parties of Pakistani community. Ex-president of PPP-France Azad Kashmir, Zahid Hashmi also attended the ceremony and joined PTI France along his workers. Another renowned social and political personality Mr. Imtiyaz Akram Kidher, joined PTI France along other social activists and colleagues. Both appreciated Imran Khan’s lifelong political and humanist activities and promised to harness the efforts and agenda of PTI France to make a new Pakistan for the betterment of Pakistani Nation. At the end of ceremony, President Umar Rahman and his team cordially thanked all participants; especially to event’s hosts. The ceremony was hosted by the senior leaders of PTI France; Mr. Ibrar Kyani and Mr. Shah Nawaz; they by respecting the Pakistani tradition of hospitality arranged a delicious dinner to their guests and participants of the oath taking ceremony.   Information Secretary P T I France AFZAAL AHMED GONDAL
PTI Election Commission is pleased to publish updated list of paid members for France intra-party elections 2014.
Election Commission PTI France is please to open nominations for intra-party elections 2014.

PTI France membership list published

Saturday, 06 December 2014 21:37 | READ MORE
Election Commission PTI France is pleased to publish membership list for intra-party elections 2014.
Election Commission PTI France is pleased to announce the next steps for PTI France elections.
OIC is pleased to announce Election Commission for PTI France Elections.
Office of International Chapters (OIC) is pleased to announce road map for Intra Party Elections in entire Europe except UK and Ireland.
Paris - 03/09/14 - More than 500 hundred Pakistanis gathered here in Paris in front of Eiffel Tower. Protest was arranged by PTI France and PAT France. The place was vibrating with voice of heavy slogans against Nawaz Shariff Government.
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