PTI France Press Release (13 Aug 2015)

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PTI France elected body received formal complaint from PTI Italy's elected body about involvement of PTI France members in promoting an event in parallel to PTI Italy's official event organized on 15th of August. Further, PTI Italy requested PTI France to take action against members indulge in character assassination of PTI leadership, promoting and misleading people to attend parallel event in Italy.

Therefore PTI France informs:

  • PTI France do not bound its member to participate in any given event.All members have their democratic right to participate in political activities, hence, members are free to attend any event. However, PTI France designation holders are bound to respect elected bodies mandate in different chapters. Any involvement of undermining (interference) in other chapters affairs will not be tolerated.
  • If any member / designation holder in PTI France body found promoting parallel event to sabotage PTI Italy's event will dealt under disciplinary action ordered by Chairman Imran Khan (circular released on 4th August 2015: ).
  • Any member found in character assassination attempts of PTI leadership on social media will be subjected to serious violation of discipline.Actions will be taken under directive of Chairman Imran Khan (mentioned in previous point).
  • PTI France elected body reserves the right to take action against it's member violating party policy. That can result in termination of their assigned designation along with due disciplinary action.

PTI France strongly condemn shameless character assassination, threatening and insulting attempts on leadership attending the event. It also vows to take all necessary steps against individual staging such propaganda for self promotion while defaming party.

Chaudhary Imtiaz Kadhar
Information Secretary
PTI France