PTI Japan Nagoya official body celebrated Pakistan day 23rd March

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PTI Japan Aichi Prefacture official body celebrated 23rd March Pakistan day in the presence of president PTI Japan Javed Niazi, Vice President Malik Ahsan Ali, Vice President Akbar Hussain and youth President Muhammad Sohail.

President PTI Aichi Prefacture Abdul Aleem Khan, General Secretary Sifat Ullah Wazir, Vice President Aman Gul, Bakhti Khan, Zahid Manzoor, Kashif Mahmood, Naveed Ahmed, Saleh Mustafa and their team were the host of the program. By the hard work of PTI Japan and PTI Aichi, Two most famous personalities of Nagoya, president of PMLN Ijaz Bhinder and Shah Jahan khan announced resignation from PMLN and joined PTI Japan.

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