The Office of International Chapters (OIC) is pleased to announce the first elections in Italy will be held based on the 20 metropolitan regions of Italy.
The Office of International Chapters (OIC) is pleased to announce the first elections in Italy will be held based on the 20 metropolitan regions of Italy.

PTI UK Election 2014 Notification

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Office of International (OIC) is pleased to announce membership cut-off date for upcoming Elections in all the chapters of UK & Ireland Current Elected body will complete their tenure on 28th of Feb (applicable UK chapters) Membership cut-off date for all the chapters will be 16th of March
  Intra-party elections are underway in Denmark with the deadline for nominations approaching on 15th December 2013.

Spain Election Voter List Published

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 Norway(Stavanger)A beginning of a new chapter (PTI-Stavanger) in Pakistan Tehreek insaf Norway has happened on the November 3rd of meeting held at the place of our dynamic and supportive individual Dr-Nokhaiz’ s house. 
 Drone War in Pakistan since 2004, claimed more than 3400 lives and brings with it many humanitarian, ethical and legal issues . The conference will highlight the consequences of the drone war in Pakistan , and discuss what can be done to bring peace and development in the country

List of Current Spanish Members

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  PTI France passed a condolence resolution at saturday 20 Oct, 2013. for the murder of young and energetic provincial law minister (Shaheed)Israr Khan Gandapur of KPK Govt. PTI France is in grief and sorrow and canceled their Eid Milan party and other activities. This is third murder of a kpk cabinet minister who won their seat and joined PTI.
 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Norway organized an event on 29th September at Bandhan Hall in Oslo in order to make their members and supporters aware of their past performances and future strategies. They also stressed on recruiting new members for their party. Pakistan held general elections in May 2013 and this was the first event of PTI Norway since then

Denmark Election Notification 2013

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   PTI Denmark arranged a membership campaign. The gathering was arranged by Mr. Adnan Virk (General Secretary) and Mr. Nawazish Hameed (Member of Senior Executive Council).

PTI Germany holds Annual general meeting

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 Annual general meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Germany was held on 31 August 2013 at Kuckelke  Str. 3, Dortmund. Mr. Mahmood ul Hassan, President PTI Germany chaired the meeting and Tahir Mughal act as moderator.
  PTI France celebrated Defence day in memory of martyred. Program started with recitation of Holy Quraan. A brief history of war was recalled and mutual Duaa was offered for all brave people who offered their life for Defence of holy land Pakistan.

PTI Finland announces its AGM

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Annual General Meeting of PTI Finland Chapter, scheduled on 29th June 2013. A Cabinet meeting was called at Kamppi, Helsinki on 26th June 2013, where overall performance of PTI Finland Chapter was analyzed and an agenda for AGM was finalized.

PTI Finland visits Oulu

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President PTI Finland and team visited Oulu a city 700KM from Helsinki where Additional General  Secretary PTI Finland Sardar Shahid Rehan and Information Secretary PTI Finland Hasnain Virk, arranged a meeting with members/supporters of the area. PTI enjoys a huge support even in remote areas like Oulu which is located on the brim of North Pole.