Helsinki (Finland): Representaives of PTI KSA and PTI Finland agreed to work in collaboration on enhancing PTIs impact, especially through social media. The need of increased paid members was highlighted along with suggestions on how to increase the role of members in Pakistani politics.
Secretary International Affairs Dr. Humayun Mohmand  is pleased to announce the results of the first ever intra-party elections in Denmark.
A corner meeting was held in Dublin on the 10th September 2012. A good number of people attended the meeting. Chairman PTI Ireland, Khurram Chaudry motivated the people in the meeting 

PTI Rotterdam holds grand Jalsa

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PTI Norway arranged a dinner in Oslo on 30th of August with Khursheed M. Kasuri. At the dinner Mr. Kasuri has given a speech on the positive aspect of Pakistan society and positive improvements in Pakistan. Mr. Khursheed Kasuri also emphasize that Pakistani society has alot of potential of Growth. At the event PML(N) president for Norway Mr. Naeem-ul-haq has put forward the confidence in PTI and joined the PTI Norway team.
The meeting was chaired by Barrister Imran Khurshid, Chairman Public Relations Committee PTI Ireland, who addressed the new and potentials members of PTI.
Belgium (27 April, 2012): PTI Belgium celebrated 16th birthday of party. Central PTI leaders Shafqat Mehmood and Dr Shireen Mazari participated via video link. Program was held at residence of senior PTI Belgium leader Malik Saeed Amin.
Italy: Special report on "Mrs.Fauzia Kasuri, President Women Wing visits Italy"

Fauzia Kasuri visits Italy

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PTI ITALY held workers convention gathering on 25th February 2012 with Mrs Fauzia Kasuri (President Women Wing) in which hundreds of PTI ITALY organizers and members participated the event.
Belgium (5 Feb, 2012): PTI Belgium held its first discussion forum on 5th February 2012 in which Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri, President Women Wing PTI, participated via a video link.  People from different walks of life including, PTI Belgium organizing committee members, students and expatriate community of Pakistanis living in Belgium attended the event.

PTI Emilia Romagna held a huge Jalsa

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Italy:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Emilia Romagna held a huge Jalsa

PTI Italy meets Imran Khan in Davos

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Italy: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Italy Chapters leadership meet Chairman Imran Khan in Davos.
In the history of European Shengen countries PTI ITALY arranged a GRAND JALSA in Reggio Emiglia on 22nd January 2012.Host of the event were Mr.Haji Muhammad Ilyas membership coordinator PTI EMILIA ROMAGNA and her daughter Miss Nosheen Ilyas President PTI ITALY women wing with team.
January 9, 2012 was held a short meeting with President of PTI Gujrat district, Major Khalil UR Rehman Awan. The meeting was held at Shalimar restaurant with between 100 to 200 people. There were people associated with the different political parties, background and origin
 An important meeting of PTI Belgium presided by Sheikh Majid held on Monday 2nd January 2012. In which renowned businessmen from Belgium and other European countries announced to join PTI. Those who joined include Malik Mohammad Saeed from Belgium, Khurram Shah from Germany, Mian Babar from Switzerland, Zulfiqar Bajwa from Spain and many others.
 On 09 December, 2011 PTI Belgium meeting held at its head office in Brussels. Meeting was presided by Central Membership coordinator Sheikh Majid.
Amsterdam  (    ): Overseas Pakistanis play an important role in Pakistan’s progress said by Khurram Saleem, Vice President, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Holland. He said this during the visit of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Belgium
 Zinda dillan e Lahore’s participation elevated the spirits and PTI Lahore/ Punjab did a commendable job of arranging a well organised political event. Quaid e Inqilab, Imran Khan’s speech was a true reflection of his political insight and a strong ‘will’ to change the Pakistan.