In 6 months, 14000+ overseas paying memberships in KSA, UAE, Europe, and UK

Friday, 29 May 2015 19:51 | READ 3048 TIMES Written by 
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In last 6 months, we crossed 14000 overseas paying memberships in KSA, UAE, Europe, and UK which in the past never crossed 6000 per year in last 16 years. The unprecedented paying membership was the result of hard work made by OIC and overseas chapters but most importantly the faith of overseas Pakistanis on Imran Khan.

So far three elected bodies are functioning (Denmark, Norway, France). Five elected bodies will be functioning during the coming week Inshallah (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece, italy).Two bodies will also be elected in 2-3 weeks’ time (UAE,UK). Three elections have been announced in Australia, Japan and South Korea. So in all 10 overseas elected bodies will be holding office by 20 Jun and 13 elected bodies will be in place by end of August. This must be world record that a political party has 14000 paying members in nearly 13 countries. I will soon contact Guinness book of world record to check for this record.

Throughout this mammoth and successful journey of overseas chapters, we were constantly faced by great challenges to prevent elections but PTI made yet another successful journey in building unique institution of overseas Pakistanis under OIC.

Efforts are in hand to bring overseas Pakistanis in future National Council and Central Executive Committee after the forthcoming IPE which will bring overseas Pakistanis closer to central leadership and their role will be enhanced.

It is once again informed that all election schedules issued so far will be followed in letter and spirit.

Ahmad Jawad
Organizer overseas Chapters (Europe, South America, Mexico)