PTI France Punchiat / CRC Meeting in Paris, France

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PTI FRANCE PUNCHAIT / CRC meeting was held on the initiative of Punchiat & respected Mr. Mushtaq Khan Jadoon, Chairman of Punchiat Committee with following objectives:
- to celebrate the Committee's official appointment by OIC;
- to inform about the Committee's role;
- to introduce the Committee, formed of 5 members (Mr.Mushtaq Khan Jadoon, Mr.Yasir Qadeer,Mr.Mian Zulfiqar Ahmed, Mr. Aboubakar Gondal, Mr. Abrar Kayani, the last 2 did not attend the meeting due to their personal commitments).

At this occasion, CRC's Secretary Mr Yasir Qadeer as well as Mian Zulfiqar Ahmed, a Senior Committee Member both explained the pivotal function they will have to play in all aspects within PTI FRANCE. It was clarified that Punchiat has no parallel role vis a vis Elected body. Role of Punchiat is only to resolve conflicts with PTI France in an amicable manner by remaining neutral and unbiased. The primary objective is that local issues of PTI France are resolved through the local people without involving OIC and central leadership. This will give more strength to PTI France to develop the culture of sitting together in a crisis or a conflict and resolve them without any outside help. Punchiat will not interfere in the roles & responsibilities of elected body and will only stick to its role of conflict resolution.

From elected body of PTI France following were present :-

- Mr Asghar BURHAN - Vice President
- Mr Rana Imran Arif - Gen Secretary
- Mr Afzaal A. Gondal - Info. Secretary

And other important personnalities of PTI FRANCE were also there:-

- Mr Raja Mohammed Ajab
- Mr Munawwar Jutt
- Mr Sohail Badhar
- Mr Khalid Pervaiz Chaudhry
- Mr Arif Mustafai
- Mr Ishfaq Chaudhry
- Mr Saeed Malik
- Mr Mazhar Gondal
- Mr Imtiaz Akram Kidhar
- Mr Azam Malik Burhan
- Mr Chaudhry Mubashir
- Mr Chaudhry Ijaz Jutt
- Mr Haji Abrar Lehri
- Mr Atif Mujahid

Women wing was represented by following:-

- Mrs Nasrah Farooqi
- Mrs Nasrah Khan
- Mrs Shehla Rizvi
- Mrs Somyia Babri
- Mrs Saima Babri

Everybody put their trust in the newly appointed Committee. Mushtaq Jadoon chairman of Punchiat assured all members that he will truly make efforts to bring in the rich traditional culture of Punchiat from our rural areas in Pakistan to France to create harmony among all PTI members in France.

The event was a great success.

Yasir Qadeer,
Secretary CRC/Punchiat PTI France