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Islamabad (1 Feb, 2012): Shabbir Ch appointed as chairmans political advisor for canada
PTI Canada in Alberta, with the assistance of Dr. Sameena Bajwa, arranged the first ladies get together in Calgary city on Sunday, February 12, 2012.
Canada (18 Feb, 2012): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Canada inaugurated its first chapter in Atlantic region.
Mr. Shabbir Chaudhry representing PTI Canada donated 5 lac rupees to the party during his recent visit to Pakistan. The money was collected by different chapters of Canada and will help the party organize itself in the country.
In an Eid Milan Lunch, PTI Canada raised another $27,690 for the flood relief efforts in Pakistan Sunday – September 12, 2010 PTI Canada arranged a fund rising “EID MILAN LUNCH” in Brampton, Ontario to provided assistance to the flood affectees in Pakistan.
PTI Canada raised another $7160 in a fund raising iftar dinner in Hamilton, Ontario on Monday – August 30, 2010.
On January 10th 2010, a PTI Canada Coordinators/Officials meeting was held to improve the organizational structure in Canada and to discuss PTI activities.
Lahore: PTI Canada Brampton Chapter coordinator, Mirza Zulfiqar Chaudary visited Pakistan. In his visit, he met the chairman PTI, Mr. Imran Khan and Lahore Coordinator, Mian Mahmood-ur-Rasheed.
Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf Canada condemns the statement of Indian Army Chief, Mr. Deepak Kapoor. As an army chief of a nuclear armed country, he should be very responsible in making statements.
This decision clearly indicates that judiciary is free from any pressure and is working independently”, said Mr. Shabbir Chaudry (PTI Canadian Coordinator)
The current crisis in Northern Pakistan is escalating. Currently over 1.2 million  people have been displaced . This is very serious crisis and we need to help our brothers and sisters in need.  
Respected Members, I was given the responsibility to organize a friendly cricket match to raise funds for the party. I ve decided to organize it on Saturday June 23. It will inshallah be held at Churchill Meadows (INTERSECTION: TENTH LINE AND MCDOWELL). I have decided to make it a double wicket and ll have each pair to pay us 10. The winning prize ll be $25. Before i continue i just want your consent and comments. If any of you guys who a better venue or ideas it ll be greatly appreciated.
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