PTI Canada(calgary) IPE-2016 Results

Monday, 30 May 2016 17:09 | READ 1545 TIMES Written by 
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PTI Canada Election Commission is pleased to announce the results of the PTI Canada Intraparty elections in calgary.

PTI CANADA panel was the only nomination we received from calgary this year. This panel did comprehensive membership campaign within the last year. Election Commission would like to congratulate PTI CANADA PANEL for their win in IPE-CANADA (Calgary) 2016.

Election Commission would like to acknowledge each and every member of PTI CANADA for their hard work in successfully running the membership drives in Calgary and hope that this chapter will move forward to work hard to take PTI’s movement of justice to the next level. Now it is the obligation of the Elected Panel to lead the chapter and make it one of the pioneer in Canada by working together with other states as one team.

The Office of International Chapters (OIC) will shortly get in touch with the elected team to organize training and guidance for the newly elected team. All PTI canada, members should work with the elected team as they are the official chapter representative of the party in calgary.

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