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PTI Australia Election Update

Monday, 14 November 2016 18:08 | READ MORE
Reference to membership campaign within the alocated time following is the final count with respect to different regions in Australia:  
Currently, Election commission is in the phase of getting details for those members who send money via bank transfer which may take two to three working days. Once it is done we may send the official final count for notification.

PTI Australia Membership Notification

Saturday, 05 November 2016 08:39 | READ MORE
Reference to notification published on 6th of September, all Elected body (EB) with MEMBERSHIP COORDINATORS (MC) stands dissolve and new membership was open from 5th of September.
Election Commission Australia is hereby pleased to announce schedule for Intra-party elections in Australia.
PTI NSW Australia organised members meeting on 1st may 2016 to mark 20th foundation day. PTI NSW members also congratulated PTI and Imran Khan on the day. 
PTI Victoria Australia Chapter held it's members meeting on 24/04/2016 to mark the 20th year of day of formation of PTI. Meeting was attended by PTI Australia members.
PTI Australia have sent letter to Pakistan High Commissioner in Canberra to register Community protest with Pakistan high commission as well as with    1-Office of Prime Minister who is also Foreign Minister 2-Office of Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan 3-Office of Speaker of National Assembly 4-Office of Chairman Senate 
Irfan Bhatti, President PTI NSW Australia met PTI Central leadership ,discussed PTI activities, future plans, intra party elections, voting rights for overseas Pakistanis and extended invitation to visit Australia. Chairman and Central leadership appreciated contribution of overseas Pakistanis towards the great cause of NAYA Pakistan.
PTI Australia NSW held first ever INSAF Australia Convention and celebrated Iqbal Day on Sunday 22nd November 2015. • Program started with the recitation of The Holy Quran. • Dr. Faiza Cheema, Rana Fahad & Shahzaib Warriach were the MC's for the event.
PTI Australia NSW recently held a members meeting and appointed a number of members in various positions and roles.
PTI Australia NSW newly elected body held their first PTI event on Saturday 19th Sep 2015. A great number of members and supporters participated in the event.
Office of International Chapters (OIC) in consultation with the three elected bodies of PTI Australia, New South Wales (NSW) Victoria and Western Australia (WA) will strive to achieve the following goals.
PTI Australia Election Commission is pleased to announce the results of the PTI Australia Intraparty elections. 
Main Portal for PTI Australia Elections is 
PTI Australia Election Commission is pleased to publish the revised voters list for the upcoming PTI Australia intraparty elections.

PTI Australia 2015 Election Update

Thursday, 20 August 2015 21:58 | READ MORE
PTI Australia EC and International Finance Board is pleased to announce that all Australia members can do their mobile number verification checks online.
PTI Australia Election Commission is pleased to announce the panel codes for PTI Australia Intraparty elections.
PTI Australia Election Commission is pleased to announce the following panel names in  forthcoming Australia IPE Elections 2015.
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