PTI Victoria Elected Body Announcement

Thursday, 27 April 2017 17:47 | READ 1856 TIMES Written by 
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PTI Victoria Election Commission is glad to announce that there have been no complaints or queries with reference to "Insafians" panel for intra-party elections.

Since Insafians were the only panel to submit the nominations and have not attracted any complaints within the pre-announced complaints and queries deadline.

Election Commission is pleased to declare them as the third Official Elected Body in Victoria, Australia.

The elected body is composed of:

  • President Mr. Kanwar Virk
  • Vice President Mr. Abdul Hadi Shikrani
  • General Secretary Mr. Ali A Awan
  • Information Secretary Mr. Muhammad Hamid

We would like to congratulate the new elected body and urge all PTI members in Victoria to work together for the betterment of the party and achievement of goals.

Victoria is a promising international chapter and it is hoped that through this exercise it will become a role model and set a great precedence for other chapters to follow not just in Australia but around the world.

Election Commission would also like to thank PTI International Finance Board and PTI Office of International Chapters for their support and great professionalism in this exercise.

Once again congratulations to “Insafians” panel and all members for establishment of the first elected body in Victoria.

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