PTI NSW Newly Elected Body organises its first event with Member Core Committee Ms Andleeb Abbas

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Hundreds of people from Pakistani community made it a success story by their participation.

Mr. Farjad Mehmood started the event by calling Bismah Chaudhry; she recited verses from The Holy Quran in her cute voice.

General Secretary PTI NSW Chapter Mr. Zahir Hussain shared the responsibilities of MC with Mr. Farjad Mehmood; they both kept the audience engaged all the time.

PTI NSW president Mr. Muhammad Waqas Bashir gave a short speech and encouraged participants to come forward and strengthen Pakistan and PTI. He also invited on stage and appreciated PTI members who had contested recent elections from “Tabdelli Hum Say” panel, outgoing leadership from previous tenure (2015-2016), extended team and all volunteers. They all received certificates of appreciation from Ms Andleeb Abbas (عندلیب عباس).

It was a cheerful event when elected and extended teams took oath of their continuous support, dedication for spreading the mission of Imran Khan and Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Ms Andleeb Abbas (عندلیب عباس) delivered her interactive speech aligned with a wonderful presentation. She demonstrated about reality and perception of current rulers, history of corruption and statistical facts. She explained ground realities about emerging changes in education, health, legislation, transportation and other sectors of life in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in comparison with other three provinces. She tried to awake all community members by showing past history of Pakistan, rate of growth, decline in all sectors of life and strengths of Pakistani nation. She explained why PTI and its leadership is not disappointed and how they plan to use the potential of manpower and resources in favour of Pakistan. During the highly emotional presentation of Madam, there was observed a pin-drop silence, all the attendees listened her with full attention.

Near the conclusion of speech, chief guest delivered the summary of her speech and given a take home lesson regarding supporting the mission of New Pakistan and strengthening the voice of Imran Khan and PTI by spreading his message. Speech ended with National Anthem of Pakistan and created a patriotic situation in the hall.

A symbolic bank cheque of $12000 was handed over to Ms Andleeb Abbas (عندلیب عباس) on behalf of PTI Australia as a political donation for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. The amount will be delivered to PTI Pakistan in due course by PTI finance team.

Farjad Mehmood, Tariq Mehmood and Riaz Shah entertained the audience with their lovely comments and songs during the event.

PTI NSW is thankful to all involved; especially Islamic Association of western Sydney suburbs for letting PTI NSW to conduct the event in the Community Hall free of cost.

By Organizing this event on a very short notice and getting time out of a personal visit of Ms Andleeb Abbas (عندلیب عباس), in spite of holiday season when majority of community members are on holidays (overseas or local), PTI NSW and Pakistani community living in Australia have proved that we have capability and motivation to make it a success story and In Sha Allah we are waiting and ready to host more senior PTI leadership from Pakistan.



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