PTI Australia NSW Chapter Elections- Announcement of Results

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Election Commission Australia is pleased to announce results of PTI Intra party election held between two panels - Visionaries & Tabdeeli Hum Se.

Total registered voters were 1009. 972 votes were casted and the total polled percentage was almost 97%. Huge credit to all members who participated and expressed their choice in this democratic process.

EC is pleased to inform that " Visionaries" won by a difference of 60 votes. They received 516 votes as compared to Tabdeeli Hum Se 456 votes.

EC would like to congratulate the winning panel and also to the panel who fought very hard and they are equally deserve great appreciation and applause. Now this great democratic exercise has taken place and it is urged that both panels will work together for the betterment of the party and achieving its goals.

NSW is a great chapter and it is hoped that through this exercise it will become a role model chapter and set a great precedence for other chapters to follow not just in Australia but around the world.

EC would also like to thank PTI International Finance Board for their around the clock availability and great professionalism and also to OIC and leadership for providing great direction and input.

Once again congratulations to both panels and all members for exercising their democratic expression.

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14-decPTI Australia NSW Chapter Elections- Announcement of Results2

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