PTI contesting on two seats in Gilgit Baltistan elections

Tuesday, 20 October 2009 12:29 | READ 9138 TIMES Written by 
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PTI is fielding two candidates in the Nov 12 elections in Gilgit. One is Mr. Saber Hussain from GB LA-2 Gilgit and the second is Wazir M. Aflatoon from GB LA-2 Astore. Both candidates are confident about their chances and have asked PTI members and leadership for their moral and financial support

GB LA-2 Gilgit--- Candidate is Saber Hussain. He is from a Political Family and is running for Elections from Gilgit. His grandfather was an elected Member of Gilgit Assembly in past. I have spoken to him and he including with his team is very much in confidence in regards to elections.

GB LA-2 Astore--- Candidate is Wazir M Aflatoon. Mr. Wazir Is a Well-known Politician their and was twice the member of Gilgit Assembly in past. He is PTI’s Candidate from Astore area of Gilgit.