ISF GB elections 2012-2013 conclude, Shahid as President, Muzzamil as GS elected

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GILGIT, 17 Nov 2012 : Mr. Shahid has been elected GILGIT BALTISTAN President by the representatives from Skardu, Ghanche, Hunza Nagar, Gilgit, Astore and Chillas after a close election in which 46 electoral college participated by voting for the leadership for 2012-2013 session. 4 candidates for central leadership namely Mr. Ammar, Mr. Shahid, Mr. Muzzamil, Mr. Mushtaq participated out of which Mr. Shahid elected as President & Mr. Muzamil Shah as General Secretary.

The participants participated from KIU, Gilgit, Hunza Nagar, Chillas, Astore, Diamir, Skardu, Ghance & Ghizer.

Central President Mr. Farrukh Habib, Central Gen. Sec. Mr. Alamgir Mehsud, Provincial and the Central Cabinet congratulates Mr. Shahid & Mr. Muzamil Shah in spreading the message for change following the ideology of Imran Khan.


Media Cell,
ISF Gilgit Baltistan