PTI Japan Elected Body Goals/Aims 2015/16 Notification

Sunday, 04 October 2015 19:26 | READ 1353 TIMES Written by 
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Office of International Chapters (OIC) in consultation with the elected body of PTI Japan have set the following goals for their one year tenure.

The membership numbers will be a key measure along with spreading the message of PTI across Japan both in the Pakistani communities and non Pakistani communities and key stake holders.

1) Membership - Paid 500 members by August 2016. Online membership form link on the website.

2) Establish different wings to incorporate more people. Wings like Woman, Labour, Student, Youth, and Business can be created by the elected body as they will report to them.

3) International Investor Conference - Organised and held with the other elected chapters of the region.

4) Elected body can also create different committee's like Event committee, Marketing committee, Membership committee, Media committee, Social Media committee, Conflict Resolution Committee etc.

5) OIC will be organising a Teleconference/Skype training for the elected body.

6) Developing a PTI Japan Code of Conduct.

7) Develop media contacts with both Australian and local Pakistani media to promote the message of PTI.

Office of International Chapters