PTI Denmark and PTI France Elections

Wednesday, 24 December 2014 17:21 | READ 2250 TIMES Written by 
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Office of International Chapters (OIC) is pleased to announce a great accomplishment made by the members of PTI France and PTI Denmark. PTI Denmark grew from a small chapter of 50 plus members to nearly 700 paying members.

All credit goes to Membership Coordinators (MC) and members of PTI in Denmark. Its a great achievement by PTI Denmark which has set an example of commitment and passion. PTI Denmark also remained at the top for fund raising before elections.

PTI France despite being a vibrant chapter never had elections in the past. It was first ever elections in PTI France. The membership reached more than 500.

OIC is pleased to greet all PTI members of PTI Denmark and France for achieving a great milestone.

Those who lost elections also deserve a great appreciation for the simple fact, that huge membership was only possible due to the fierce competition created before elections. The party will continue with the elections success in other parts of Europe.

Dr Humayun Mohmand - Secretary International Chapters

Office of International Chapters (OIC)