PTI UAE organises Pakistan Independence Day on 14 August

Friday, 15 August 2014 19:58 | READ 4916 TIMES Written by 
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PTI UAE organised an event on 14th August. It was attended by Pakistani community in huge numbers. Event was organised in such a way that every one enjoyed it. Children & families were provided opportunity to participate in quiz programme. Kids and youth danced on the tunes of national songs. Gifts were given to the families. All the participants were jubilant and very thankful to PTI UAE for organising such a beautiful event.
Mr.Shahid Nazir Warraich General Secartary PTI UAE, Mahreen Qureshi president W/wing PTI Ajman hosted the event with while Hamza Waqar and Rukh Roomi conducted quiz programme. Organising committee included Kashif Shabir along with Mr.Shakil, Tariq Baania, Malik Shehzad and Mahreen Qureshi.

President PTI UAE Haji Meer Hassan congratulated Pakistani community on the independence day and stressed the need of unity for the development of country.

Ms.Khurshid Jahan president W/wing Mr.Aziz khan Senior vice President PTI UAE, Mr.Zafar yab vice President PTI UAE ,Kashif Shabir Finance Secartary ,Ehsan ul Haq president Ajman region , Dr.Haseeb president Fujeriah, Syed Haleem shah president Abu Dhabi. Rias Saber president Sharjah , Munir khatak also addressed and congratulated Pakistani community on Independence day.