PTI UAE Celebrates Eid with IDP's in Banu

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 11:51 | READ 3615 TIMES Written by 
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President PTI Abu Dhabi Mr.Syed Haleem Shah on behalf of PTI UAE spent his Eid with IDPs in Bannu.

During his visit he held a press confrence in Bannu in which he explained PTI UAE efforts to support IDPs. He visited Insaf Kitchen run by youth wing Bannu with the support of PTI UAE where he monitored food distribution to IDPs . He distributed Eid Gifts to IDPs kids. Chairman visited IDPs in Bannu on Eid day where Mr.Haleem Shah briefed him about future plans of PTI UAE to support IDPs which include water filtration plants and mobile Hospitals . Chairman appreciated efforts by PTI UAE team and asked to continue till IDPs are settle back in their home.

Mr.Nasir President Dubai is also leaving on behalf of PTI UAE to support activities in IDPs areas soon he will be joined by Rana Awais Sahib an other senior and very active member of PTI UAE team.