PTI UAE Regional Bodies Announced

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Office of International Chapters (OIC) hereby announces the regional bodies across UAE to better organise the chapter. Members, supporters, sympathisers are asked to only contact the listed officials.

Region Abu Dhabi
Sr.No Name Position
Syed Haleem Shah President
Dr.Zia Ul Rahman V.President
Waseem Ghumman General Secretary
Ehsan Ullah Information Secretary
Arsalan Banori Youth Secretary
Malik Faheem Finance Secretary
Maryam Riaz Women Wing President
Allah Noor Wazir Secretary Alain Region

Region Dubai
Sr.No. Name Position
Nasir Khan President
Malik Shahzad V.President
Shakeel Ahmed General Secretary
Tariq Bania Information Secretary
Hamza Youth Secretary
Munir Khattak Finance Secretary
Jameela Khan Women Wing President

Region Sharjah
Sr.No Name Position
Rias Sabar Khattak President
Junaid Khan V.President
Mohammad Asif Gondal General Secretary
Ayaz Khan Information Secretary
Dost Muhammad Finance Secretary

Region Ajman
Sr.No Name Position
Ehsan Ul Haq President
Dr.Mohammad Irfan V.President
Imran Iqbal General Secretary
Malik Kamaran Information Secretary
Shahid Rind Youth Secretary
Tariq Hussain Finance Secretary
Mehreen Saeed Women Wing President

Region Ras Al Khama
Sr.No Name Position
Tariq Ali President
Sultanudin Pacha V.President
Ghulam Sadiq General Secretary
Liaqat Ali Information Secretary
Abdul Waheed Finance Secretary
Zahid Ghani Youth Secretary
Shama Qureshi Women Wing President

Region Fujairah
Sr.No Name Position
Dr.Haseeb Mian President
Rahmat Shah V.President
Bakhat Munir General Secretary
Dr.Sami Ullah Information Secretary
Amroz Khan Finance Secretary