President Woman Wing MNA Munaza Hassan visited Balochistan

Thursday, 03 September 2015 15:11 | READ 2591 TIMES Written by 
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September 3, 2015, President Woman Wing MNA Munaza Hassan visited Balochistan as it is the most neglected province of Pakistan.

She believes that the status of female education in rural Balochistan presents a very depressing picture. We have increase GDP and take positive steps in education sector.

The endangered condition of the Province that she saw, Munaza Hassan decided to raise a voice about it in the National Assembly.

She showed her sympathies to the Hazara Community.

Her meeting with the JWP will prove beneficial to the Party and it left a good impact. Munaza Hassan met many important personnel in Balochistan for strengthening PTI

In an answer to her interview, she told the media that there are no groups in the party and that everyone in the party discourages the idea.

In a meeting with the YOUTH WING and ISF she supported their hard work and made them realize their importance.

She said that youth is back bone of our country.They are our future and destiny

Rukhsana Bhatti

Information Secretary