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LAHORE: President, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Women Wing Balochistan, Fehmida Jamali said the country overall debt increased by 68% of the total size of the economy in the incumbent government which is against the law of the Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation Act (FRDL
September 3, 2015, President Woman Wing MNA Munaza Hassan visited Balochistan as it is the most neglected province of Pakistan.

Protest led by QASIM KHAN SURI

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Islamabad (15 June, 2014): PTI women wing President Munaza Hassan has appointed Fahmida Jamali as KP women wing Balochistan.
BALOCHISTAN : On Sunday, 15th of the December, an important discussion session under the presidency of Mr. Haji Naveed Mengal has taken place in which necessary issues regarding the structure of ISF been raised. In an open session every member of Provincial cabinet shared his experience and advised to be more active than before. In the session, it has been decided that ISF BUITEMS (Takatu Campus) cabinet may be dissolved due to some administrative ground and new cabinet will be given the responsibilities through polling system. Mr. Akhunzada Farhat Ullah advised the president to arrange to organize a study circle each month in which any topic / policy may be brought under discussion, which will help the members to speak in an open circumstances. it is further decided that the old units of ISF within the districts of Balochistan will be reactivated through advertising on social media.
PTI Chairman Imran Khan today again strongly condemned the continuing attacks against relief providers to the earthquake victims in Balochistan. He said the security forces especially were reaching out to victims in inaccessible areas in Awaran district and those targeting these relief efforts were enemies of the poor people of Balochistan.
QUETTA : ISF Balochistan recorded a peaceful protest in front of the Press Club Quetta under the leadership of Mr. Haji Naveed Mengal against the brutal action Of Punjab govt / Punjab police.
 Sheikh ul Hadees wa Tafseer Hazrat Maulana Dr Sher Ali Shah Almadni (D.B) took back His Fatwa against Imran Khan and showed full satisfaction over Imran Khans faith on Khatm-e-Nabuwat.
The Central Election Commission (CEC), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has notified that intra-Party elections in Balochistan will be held directly for the district tier.
BALOCHISTAN : Today on 14.11.2012 on the 5th Foundation day of Insaf Students Federation (ISF) the provincial representatives of ISF Balochistan got together in ISF Provincial Secretariat Quetta Balochistan where the Provincial chief of ISF Balochistan Mr. Shareef Khan Khilji along with Central Vice President Mir Naveed Mengal and other ISF workers. President in his speech admired the efforts of Chairman Imran Khan and his vision regarding students and youth of Pakistan, he said that ISF is the need of the time and students from all over the province should get their ISF registration cards. He further said that ISF is the only federation speaking for the rights of students where all other student federations are only doing politics. He advised the ISF members to work hard to be stronger and try to remove the dis-affectedness from their hearts. At the end of the ceremony President and Central Vice President cut the cake in presence of all ISF members and celebrated the day with Traditional Atarn (Dance) out side the building.
Asmat Khattak leader KPK women wing strongly condemns the firing incident at Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) Women wing mini jalsaa in Ketchbeg area, Quetta. 
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