Kashmir tops PTI’s foreign policy priority list: Imran Khan

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Kashmir tops PTI’s foreign policy priority list: Imran Khan
MIRPUR, Nov 15: Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Thursday said that the purpose of his politics was to serve the people and to improve their socio-economic conditions, therefore, it was imperative to spend finances on the peoples’ welfare rather than  spending on weapons.
“India should know that military force is no solution to Kashmir (dispute).  They should learn lessons from the US invasion of Afghanistan. USA couldnt win Afghan with military force … The PTI shall resolve Kashmir issue through dialogue which will usher in a new era of prosperity for the peoples of whole South East Asia,” said Imran Khan while addressing a huge public gathering here at the Mirpur Cricket Ground.
Referring to the deployment of 700,000 Indian troops in Kashmir, Imran Khan said that despite heavy presence of its armed forces in Kashmir, India could not win hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people. He added that without resolving Kashmir, there would be no sustainable peace in the subcontinent.  
“This is the reason that Kashmir resolution is number one priority for PTI,” he added. Since it was the first-ever public meeting of the PTI in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), people in large numbers gathered at the Mirpur Cricket Ground to have a single glimpse of the cricketer-turned-politician – Imran Khan.
Flanked by the PTI’s senior leaders including Shafqat Mahmood, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Khurshid Kasuri and others, Imran Khan said that Kashmir topped the list in the foreign policy of the PTI and after winning elections, he would go for resolution of Kashmir dispute to restorev durable peace between the arch-rival neighbours – India and Pakistan. 
He said both Pakistan and India had been spending their money on weapons instead of spending it on their peoples. He also highlighted the plight and suffering of the Kashmiri people and said that the aspirations of Kashmiri people should be acceptable to both India and Pakistan for resolution of the dispute.
Imran Khan said that he had discussed the Kashmir issue with two former foreign ministers of the country – Khurshid Kasuri and Shah Mahmood Qureshi – both in the PTI now, and was informed that Pakistan and India were close to a solution of the issue.
However, he regretted that the PPP-led coalition government had put the issue on the back burner. He also lauded the commitment of the Kashmiri expatriates who he said were still committed to the Kashmir cause.
During his fiery speech, the PTI chief also touched other burning issues other than Kashmir, including deteriorating law and order situation, Afghan war, and terrorism.
“The influential thieves are granted NROs and the poor are jailed for minor mistakes. I am in politics due to the rule of tyranny. We have to abolish this system. We assure you, we would save Pakistan from these dacoit rulers. Uniform enforcement of law would be ensured,” he remarked. 
He said that his party would also resolve Afghan crisis and its government would also rescue Pakistan army as tribal people were strength of the country. He said that he will take Pakistan out of this foreign war which was the only solution to restore peace in the country.
“The tribal fighters have waged a war against our army because they see our soldiers as fighting for the US cause … Once Pakistan Army pulls out from US war, the tribal people will fight the militants themselves and win the war against terrorism,” he said, adding that the tribal people have been our strength over the years.
Khan said that rule of law was the only solution for Karachi violence. He said that poor law and order situation across country was also adding to the Karachi violence. He said PTI would unveil new education system with one syllabus for all Pakistanis. He also said that the effectees of Mangla Dam will be provided justice.
Earlier, addressing the gathering, the party’s leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the PTI wanted a permanent and peaceful solution of Kashmir problem. He said that the PTI was against human rights violations in Kashmir and it would keep its fight for the right of self determination for Kashmiri people.
He regretted that the AJK government had ignored Pakistans traditional stand on Kashmir while the foreign office also did not realize the damage done due to this blunder.

Qureshi said that the opposition (PML-N) was also silent on Kashmir issue. He said that Imran Khan had done a lot of humanitarian work in Kashmir soon after the 2005 earthquake while even he was not in power.