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A Personal Journey to Pakistan & PTI By Shehzad Ali

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An environment has a heavy impact on any human being. It contributes towards your behaviour, character, taste and the list goes on. It's the environment you live in that ultimately plays a heavy role in who you become. I was born in England in a small city called St Albans. My father had five daughters and I was the only son, and the youngest. At the age of three I went to Pakistan, my father had decided to move back and sent my mother and and my sisters there first. The idea was he would join us after tying up…

Panama Leaks: Cyber Warfare By Abdul Qayyum Khan Kundi

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Superpowers for ages have used various tools to exert their influence on the affairs of neighbors far and wide. East and West India companies were non-state actors used by imperial powers to seek trading rights to gain foothold in countries that were later converted into colonies. Trading was the soft power that created enabling environment that paved way for colonization through hard power. In the modern era new tools have emerged that are used by superpowers. In Libya, Syria and Ukraine there is extensive use of hard power by non-state actors supported by these powers. In other countries intervention is…

The House of Cards falling down By Ayesha Zee Khan

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The RAW agent nabbed by Pakistani authorities in March had much to say. He not only confessed that he was sent to create mayhem & chaos in Baluchistan/Karachi etc, the man also added that he joined RAW in 2013 while Delhi admitted that he was commander (equivalent to lieutenant colonel in army) of Indian Navy who had opted to retire prematurely. He was into terrorist financing and training network which used to operate from Chabahar in Iran, Makran in Pakistan and adjoining districts of Afghanistan. He was tasked to initiate a string of subversive activities on the Makran coast where…

The Leaked Stories: From Panama to Pajamas By Sohail Parwaz

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Comparing the past and present In the early days of Pakistan the government servants would save the papers and would use both sides of a page. So much so that even the employees, in the absence of the common pins, would collect the spikes and spines to pin up the papers and for other office use. There was no concept of offerings and bribe in the early days, hence there was no corruption. While recalling the early days’ of Pakistan’s history which no one can forget and it would be pertinent to mention those, one remembers that when Muhammad…

Pakistan's Quaker Oats Man By Yasmeen Aftab Ali

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Reminiscing about my childhood, the image of the Quaker Oats tin box is indelibly etched in my mind. Featuring the “Quaker Man” logo, the picture of the white haired distinguished looking man, in a swish black coat, white cravat and a black hat, brimming with good health conveyed good breeding. The company states, “The ‘Quaker man’ does not represent an actual person. His image is that of a man dressed in the Quaker garb, chosen because the Quaker faith projected the values of honesty, integrity, purity and strength.” (Website for Quaker Oats Company FAQ January 22, 2009) For heaven’s sake…

Qanoon ka Daira By Zahid Rai

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شوکت خانم پاکستانی عوام کی امانت By Omer Janjua

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آئیے ہم آپکو شوکت خانم ہسپتال کی شفافیت پر تنقید کرنیوالوں کا اصل چہرہ دکهلائیں ● بچپن میں سبیل اور نیاز کے نام پر چندہ جمع کرکے سنیما دیکھنے والے مولوی ● باپ کے سینما کے باہر ٹکٹیں بلیک میں فروخت کرنے والے "ٹن" چهوکرے، جنہوں انہی مولویوں(علمائے سوء) کو اقتدار میں حصہ دار بنایا- ● لوهاروں کے جتھے جو "هذا من فضل ربی" سے راتوں رات امیر ہوگئے اور انکے نام پانامہ لیکس کی زینت بنے- ● وہ ڈینی صاحب جیسے لوفر لفنگے- جن کے والد صاحب، پاکستان کی تاریخ میں پہلے وزیر کہلائے، جنکو کرپشن الزامات پر نااہل…

Merchants of Faith By Yasmeen Aftab Ali

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“The massacre on Easter Sunday in Lahore of over 70 members including Christian minority and others by Harkatul Ahrar- one of the factions of Punjab based Punjabi Taliban has proved to be a catalyst for getting the Pakistan Army and Rangers inducted into direct operation against terrorists whereas provincial government maintains that it has no groups of terrorists in Punjab and has denied that any operation by the army/rangers is independent of Punjab government. However, ISPR claims that army Chief GRS decided to act on his own following the Easter Sunday mayhem and that army/ Rangers will not be reporting…

RAW- The Reverse Effect Of Doval’s Doctrine By Osama Khurshid

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“Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes chaos”– Heath Ledger The Punch line of Fourth generation Warfare (4th GW) is lethal combination of ad hoc warriors and moral conflict. Notwithstanding other issues, Pakistan is facing 4thGW for the last 15 years and maneuvering it far better to other countries. It may come as a surprise factor that India’s current National Security advisor Ajit Kumar Doval was undercover in Pakistan for 7 years. Moreover another mystified tale of a spy named Ravinder Kaushik has surfaced recently, and his objective was to infiltrate Pakistan Army according to the…

A RAW or ripe attempt? By Sohail Parwaz

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Kulbhushan Yadav The infamous Indian intelligence agency RAW may brag about its so-called accomplishments and make phony elevated claims but the fact remains that Operation Chanakya, Operation Kahuta’s blueprint and creation of Bangladesh had brought bad name to this blown-larger-than-the-size intelligence agency. Most notably, meddling in East Pakistan and disrupting the smooth life of neighbouring peaceful Sri Lanka will remain as stigmas on its face. About Bangladesh, Bengalis themselves, ex-RAW operators, the Indian politicians and recently Mr Modi himself proudly admitted the contribution while involvement in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, where RAW started training the LTTE to keep a so-called…