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Same Page (but) of Different Books? By Sohail Parwaz

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What lessons has PML (N) learnt in their third tenure? By now, after having three military rules in Pakistan, no one is left with an iota of doubt that martial law or the military rule is not at all a solution to the problems of the country. Currently different schools of thought are prevailing in Pakistan: let the military rule the country if they have to do every bit (a very minimal percentage of the population), military should not poke its nose at all and let the civilian handle the issues themselves, come what may (anti armed forces, mafias and…

Women Can't be silenced By Naveeda Sultan

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“Truth is a gift, a burden, and a responsibility which I mean to share. This is the story you don’t want to hear when you ask me about Pakistan. But this is what you need to hear.” The sexual harassment in South Asia and especially in Pakistan arises from the value system of a patriarchal society that looks upon women as ‘sexual prize’, ‘commodity’ and ‘upholder of honour’. Different stages, from childhood to maturity, are marked by vulnerability to different forms of violence. So for example, girl children are vulnerable to abuse, infanticide and early marriage. To say the least,…

Imran Khan By Ather Chaudhry

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Three years back, on May 07, 2013, while climbing the stage to address a political rally in Lahore, Chairman Imran Khan fell from the makeshift lifter at a height of 15 feet. Bleeding Khan was immediately moved to a local hospital for initial treatment, and after that he was shifted to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital for further treatment. It was reported that he had suffered hairline compression fracture on his vertebra (part of backbone) and has two stitches in his skull. The entire Pakistani nation went into a state of shock after watching this horrific fall from the lifter,…

Imran Khan's Name By Muhammad Arsalan

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In the past, I used to be a person who was very open to discussion, defending my views regarding everything but nowadays when you talk about surroundings, mostly people discuss politics ( all thanks to Imran Khan for that). In these times when our discussions have become very polarized and people are hard to convince, I have quit discussing politics around me. Yesterday while sitting with friends, one of my friend who is not an Imran Khan fan (which is perfectly cool and we have to accept this fact that not everyone is a PTI supporter around you) argued that…

The Foundation of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf A Quest for Democracy By Memoona Shahid

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The Foundation of Pakistan Tehreek e InsaafA Quest for DemocracyBy Memoona Shahid The patriotic nation of Pakistan woke up from the dream of lethargy when the drop of Pakistanmovement for Justice felt on their parched lips. Founded on April 25, 1996, with the aim toestablish a true welfare state, the leader of the party known for his selfless devotion andbravery, Imran Khan did every effort to promote anti status quo movement. The missionstatement of PTI is to establish an egalitarian society with the slogan “Justice, Humanity andSelf Esteem” based on Islamic model of democracy. Since the foundation stone is laid,…

Privatization: Cure or Disaster for Pakistan? By Omer Zaheer Meer

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Preamble: Privatization of public enterprises and organizations is one of the hotly debated and contentious economic issues facing Pakistan today. While some term it as a solution to Pakistan’s economic woes, others simply paint it as an attempt to sell national assets for peanuts. The reality perhaps lies somewhere in between. Public enterprises are those that are owned by governments and thereby the public at large. They include government owned/controlled corporations. Privatization is a somewhat controversial phenomenon in Pakistan. It is commonly defined as the transfer of ownership of state owned assets from a government to a non-state entity. It…

Prosecuting Pak Army Officers in Bangladesh By Yasmeen Aftab Ali

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Failure of Pakistan Government to launch protest That Mukti Bahini played a pivotal role in the dismemberment of Pakistan is a recorded fact and reflected in the statement of Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament Shawket Ali, “I would give hundred per cent credit to India for the liberation of Bangladesh.” (Bangladeshi Newspaper ‘The Independent” December 17, 2011) Archer Blood, writes, “Indian soil was made available for training camps, hospitals and supply depots for the Mukti Bahini or “Liberation Force” of the Bengali resistance movement. TheMukti Bahini came to enjoy that great asset of a guerrilla army, a safe haven to…


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A dream which was seen 19 years ago by a Former and Famed cricketer Imran Khan , he saw a dream of NAYA PAKISTAN , a PAKISTAN which will never bow in front of anyone , a state of freedom and love where there is no fear and people are independent , where the leaders will serve people , where there will be no corruption , no discrimination, people will get equal education , where there will be equality of law for all citizens. 25th April 1996 Imran khan founded his own political party PAKISTAN TEHREEK E INSAF also known…

Izzat By Zahid Rai

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Why I Chose to be an Insafian! By Sehwish Sulehria

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It was general elections 2008, when I became interested in politics. Athough i was interested in none of the parties contesting. In my childhood, i had just seen my father sitting before television and counting on winning seats by Sher (Lion- PMLN) and Teer (arrow- PPP) before military dictatorship of 1999. Only Highlights of reign of Pervaiz Musharraf which are bright in my mind are Laal Masjid incident, Operation against Taliban and the movement in favour of Judiciary. After ruling for almost 8 years, finally, Pervaiz Musharraf could not stand against union of lawyers and democratic forces in wake of…