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Privatization: Cure or Disaster for Pakistan? By Omer Zaheer Meer

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Preamble: Privatization of public enterprises and organizations is one of the hotly debated and contentious economic issues facing Pakistan today. While some term it as a solution to Pakistan’s economic woes, others simply paint it as an attempt to sell national assets for peanuts. The reality perhaps lies somewhere in between. Public enterprises are those that are owned by governments and thereby the public at large. They include government owned/controlled corporations. Privatization is a somewhat controversial phenomenon in Pakistan. It is commonly defined as the transfer of ownership of state owned assets from a government to a non-state entity. It…

Prosecuting Pak Army Officers in Bangladesh By Yasmeen Aftab Ali

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Failure of Pakistan Government to launch protest That Mukti Bahini played a pivotal role in the dismemberment of Pakistan is a recorded fact and reflected in the statement of Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament Shawket Ali, “I would give hundred per cent credit to India for the liberation of Bangladesh.” (Bangladeshi Newspaper ‘The Independent” December 17, 2011) Archer Blood, writes, “Indian soil was made available for training camps, hospitals and supply depots for the Mukti Bahini or “Liberation Force” of the Bengali resistance movement. TheMukti Bahini came to enjoy that great asset of a guerrilla army, a safe haven to…


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A dream which was seen 19 years ago by a Former and Famed cricketer Imran Khan , he saw a dream of NAYA PAKISTAN , a PAKISTAN which will never bow in front of anyone , a state of freedom and love where there is no fear and people are independent , where the leaders will serve people , where there will be no corruption , no discrimination, people will get equal education , where there will be equality of law for all citizens. 25th April 1996 Imran khan founded his own political party PAKISTAN TEHREEK E INSAF also known…

Izzat By Zahid Rai

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Why I Chose to be an Insafian! By Sehwish Sulehria

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It was general elections 2008, when I became interested in politics. Athough i was interested in none of the parties contesting. In my childhood, i had just seen my father sitting before television and counting on winning seats by Sher (Lion- PMLN) and Teer (arrow- PPP) before military dictatorship of 1999. Only Highlights of reign of Pervaiz Musharraf which are bright in my mind are Laal Masjid incident, Operation against Taliban and the movement in favour of Judiciary. After ruling for almost 8 years, finally, Pervaiz Musharraf could not stand against union of lawyers and democratic forces in wake of…

Notorious Nawaz, Scandalous Sharifs’ & the Cirrhotic Corruption By Abdul Salam Dadabhoy

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The human body works in strange ways: immunity comes with regularity to any external stimuli. The Pakistani people have become resilient, not by force but it seems, by choice, as scandals, bouts of injustice, corruption and imbalances in society hit home, much often than not. Where we head from her seems uncharted territory, a road only divinity knows. But the face of it doesn’t seem to be promising to say the least. Fake Judicial Commissions and Joint Investigation Teams churning out scammed reports have marred the little confidence, if any left to the system, of the people who survive within.…

20th Youm-e-Tasees Mubarak By Imran Durrani

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جههد مسلسل کے بیس سال By Anjum Shah

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میں ان لوگوں میں شامل ہوں جو اوائل بچپن میں عمراں خان کو میدانِ کرکٹ میں رنگ جماتے دیکھ چکے ہیں۔ 1992 کے کرکٹ ورلڈ کپ کا تاریخ ساز دن کسے یاد نہیں؟ جب پاکستان ٹیم تاریخ میں پہلی بار کرکٹ ورلڈ کپ کے فائنل میں پہنچی اور دنیا نے عمران خان کی شاندار قائدانہ صلاحیتوں کا وہ روپ دیکھا جس نے پاکستان کو دنیائے کرکٹ کے عروج پر پہنچا دیا۔ کرکٹ کی ان رنگینیوں اور خوبصورت زندگی سے پرے عمراں خان شوکت خانم کینسر اسپتال کا خواب اپنی آنکھوں میں سجائے اسے حقیقت کا روپ دھارتے ہوئے دیکھ رہا…

The Fallacy of Ehtesaab By Jehangir Mirza

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Our most celebrated Cricketer of the century recently had a brief scuffle with a TV reporter. To a seemingly harmless and reasonably relevant question, Afridi took his typical wild slog at the ill-fated Dunya TV correspondent, declaring: “Mujhe umeed thee k aap ghatya sawal hi kareyn gai”. An outburst along the lines is not new to Afridi, but one wonders if there’s something fundamentally wrong with a professional Reporter quizzing a professional Cricketer for his lackluster on-field performance.After all they are both doing what they are paid to do. Or, as some would insist, should only a Cricketer that matches…

To Be or Not To Be By Khurram Zeeshan

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"To be or not be?" - The eternal question remains relevant, always. Only that it gains importance manifold at some critical junctures of history.Yes, it is Panama leaks and its aftermath that I'm referring to.'Defining moment' it has been called - indeed it is one! At this juncture we are faced with two choices. There is one road which leads to eternal servitude and to submission to the rule of injustice, blunder, loot and plunder. The other one, though unexplored and perhaps rough, may well have a beacon of hope.My suspicion is that there will be every effort made to…