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Taking a closer look By Sohail Parwaz

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The thwarted coup attempt of July 15, 2016 came out of nowhere. Although Turkey has a history of coups and memorandums, nevertheless, with the gradual awakening of right wing forces, the chances of any coup or revolt were diminishing day by day. The reasons were very simple; Erdoğan’s determination to serve the Turks, take them out of secular trap and fulfilling his ‘Vision 2023’. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the 12th President of Turkey. Merely in two decades he is at the helm of the affairs; starting his journey as the Mayor of Istanbul from 1994 to 1998. Founded his Justice…

محمود خان اچکزئی۔ افغانیوں کو پھر بیچنے کا وقت آ گیا۔ By محمد عبدہ ‎

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جناب اچکزئی صاحب۔ پختونوں کی محبت میں تاریخ ادھوری نا کریں اور ادھوری تاریخ کو بھی مسخ نا کریں۔اگر آپ پختون ہیں اور پختونوں کے ہمدرد صرف اقتدار طاقت عہدے مال و دولت کیلے نہیں ہیں اور واقعی نیک نیتی سے پختونوں کی محبت میں گھلے جارہے ہیں تو پھر ہمت کریں اور تاریخ کو درست بیان کریں اور اعلان کریں۔ جناب اچکزئی صاحب۔ بقول آپ کے پختون دریائے سندھ تک رہتے ہیں تو پختون اس کے مالک ہیں۔ آگے چلیں پختونوں نے ٹیکسلا پر بھی حکومت کی ہے۔ اس پر بھی دعوی کریں۔ لاہور تو صدیوں تک افغانوں کے…

PTI : Ideology & Power Politics By Asad Umar

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One of the best things about PTI is that there is almost a constant process of critique and debate that goes on within the party. To a certain extent that happens in every political party but there are special reasons why this happens more vigorously and more consistently in PTI. PTI unlike other major parties is not a family concern. While there is no doubt about Imran Khan being the leader of the party, he is not the sole “owner” of the party. The party is “co owned” by the millions of workers and followers who do not just vote…

Kashmir Intekhabat By Rashid Hamza

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اگر ہم آزاد کشمیر انتخابات میں مسلم لیگ اور تحریک انصاف کو مجموعی طور پر ملنے والے ووٹوں کی اعداد و شمار کا جائزہ لے لیں تو صورتحال بہت دلچسپ بن جاتی ہے، حالیہ انتخابات میں مسلم لیگ نواز گروپ کو کل چھ لاکھ نواسی ہزار ووٹ پڑے اور کل بتیس نشستوں پر انکی جیت ہوگئی جبکہ تحریک انصاف کو دوسرے نمبر پر ووٹ پڑے جسکی تعداد تین لاکھ تراسی ہزار ہے اور دو ہی سیٹوں پر انکی جیت ہوگئی،_ ان اعداد و شمار پر غور کیا جائے تو یہ حقیقت سآمنے آجاتی ہے کہ کشمیر میں تحریک انصاف…

The Turkish Show By Afzal Jahanzeb

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The media is a buzz with the failed Turkish Coup. Images on TV, Social Media kept the world upto date and totally involved with the unfolding events. The public came out on the streets to thwart the Army's attempt to disrupt Democracy on the call of a popular leader. They lay down in front of Tanks, arrested and beat the soldiers. A victory for Democracy. Rest is now history. The dynamics of the Turkish Coup is a story by itself best left for another day. The most pathetic aspect of the Coup in Turkey transpired in Pakistan. PML-N, the ruling…

Kashmir Continues to Bleed By Ayesha Zee Khan

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The month of July saw martyrdom of Burhan Wani, the freedom fighter from Indian occupied Kashmir, after that a sequence of violence erupted where scores of civilians were injured, martyred by the occupying Indian Army. Guns showered pellets on the protesting unarmed women, children and families who supported Burhan Wani Shaheed as their saviour. Curfew imposed with dozens of protestors left blinded by those millions of pellets showered on them ruthlessly! Is it for the first time that Kashmir has seen such bloodshed? No! Is it for the first time that people protested against the atrocities of Indian occupying army…

Happiness and the Happiest By Farrukh Dall

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The U.N. has declared March 20 as World Happiness Day, recognizing “happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world.” Although, all 193 UN member states have adopted the resolution calling for a happiness greater priority but many of them are failed to adopt an inclusive and balanced approach to achieve this fundamental human goal. Some countries, however, have made happiness a public policy goal. Bhutan, Ecuador and the United Arab Emirates have appointed “Ministers of Happiness” to achieve the said goal. According to “UN World Happiness ‎2016” report, Denmark, Finland, Iceland…

تبدیلی By Rashid Hamza

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ایسے وقت میں پختونخوا عوام نے تحریک انصاف اور عمران خان پر اعتماد کرکے حکومت کرنے کا اختیار انکے حوالے کردیا جب پختونخوا کا ہر ادارہ تباہ حالی کا شکار اور بدعنوانی میں بے مثال تھا، اقتدار ملنے کے بعد تحریک انصاف کی حکومت کیلئے سب سے بڑا چیلنج کے پی عوام کو تبدیلی کا نعرہ حقیقت میں ثابت کرنا تھا،__ عمران نے جمود کے شکار اور مسلسل روبہ زوال روایتی سیاست میں ایک نئے نعرے "تبدیلی" کے ذریعے جان ڈال دی، اس نعرے کے ذریعے ہی آپ نے روایتی اور خاندانی سیاستدانوں کی مروجہ سیاست کو چیلنج کیا، اس…

دارالعلوم حقانیہ، نیشنل سیکورٹی پلان اور حکومت خیبر پختونخوا By Imran Durrani

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مصنف کے بارے:: عمران درانی بزنس مین ھیں، شاعر، ادیب اور انسانی ہمدردی کے کاموں میں سرگرم ہیں اور پی ٹی آئ کے ساتھ منسلک ہیں۔

Where Do We Stand in Health Sector ? By Dr. Shehryar Khan Niazi

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We have always been told about the horrors of Warfare when one is stuck between bombarding and marauding armies.We are often told about those of isolation when one is stranded off some island in the middle of the Pacific and then also about the dread of being left astray in the dessicated hell of Saharan Africa. A voice inside me asked me if our lives here in Pakistan are better than the war stricken Afghan, Somalian, Iraqi, Rwandan cities? Better than Saharan and sub saharan african countries so badly struck with famine and disease and civil war? Better than the…