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As Passion s Arrow

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Let the Beloved touch,
thy heart O seeker!
As passions arrow thou,
escape Selfs quiver -

forgetting the bow,
and the string -
struck by Love,
thy self spring,

Ego and organization

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Why has PTI failed to become an institution over the last twelve years? How come Shaukat Khanum became an institution so easily? Why did the party have only Rs. 22,000 in its bank account before the last major event? After some experience, I think I have finally diagnosed our partys ailment: the "ego".

Every man has an ego. The ego is your "Self", the "I" inside you. Egos are both an organizations best friend and its worst enemy. Tamed, they are like arabian horses that have carried many a muslim army across deserts against impossible odds. Untamed, egos are like…

Mohammad Madni: ISF Convener Lahore

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Justice is not confined to one group, one religion or one sect.  It is a cause of all humanity.

Jatoi gets shoes

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Liaqat Jatois humiliation during his first election campaign. 

Screams for Justice

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The only reason the rulers have not run away in droves is their faith in the lack of accountability.

Of Days to Come

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Sensing beauty of the past,
and wisdom of days to come,
my heart took refuge in the pen,
over a feeble tongue.

Now listen to a beat,
of this opend heart,
inspired by the One,
whose wonder overcomes.

Reconciliation and Safe Passages

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Can we assume Musharaf has developed a conscious or the fear of Allah and would leave if he could guarantee his security? 

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed

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It is in moments like these that you need strong institutions to withstand the loss of leaders.  We don’t have any institutions and have lost the most popular leader.

Meet Rafique!

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Meet Rafique Khan! He is responsible for keeping Central Sectariat of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. And he offer all his services, for nothing! Why? His love for Imran Khan has brought him here.

Chit Chat with Chairman Khan

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Few minutes with Imran Khan after APDMs convention.