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Issues of Politicians Foreign Reserves & CJ Iftikhar s Illegal Retirement

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Mr Khan reiterated on Express TV today on 17th October (host Javed Chaudhry) that all politicians should bring back their own wealth to Pakistan to inspire confidence in the business community, and others to do the same.  Why beg from others when our own money can go a long way?  Javed Hashmi (PMLN leader) who was also on the show endorsed the appeal saying that he would request Nawaz Sharif to do the same.

Green zone in Islamabad! Where the masses will go?

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It is said that the government is thinking seriously about constructing a green zone in Islamabad. It will be very much a carbon copy of Iraqi capital Baghdads green zone, where the masters & their sycophants will be protected. It is indeed a sad story, reported in a local news paper. A common man is bewildered as to why the government is going down wards with its policies? Iraq is a copmletely different story; their is foreign occupation in Iraq, the people are against it & there for they attack foreign troops. For the safety of foreign masters the puppet…

Sweden, Hazrat Omar and the Bolivian President in Iran

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I was in Sweden in the last week of September and our PTI friends Mr Barkat and Dr Amir arranged meetings with Swedish parliamentarians.  Each one of them came down to receive us at the main gate, escorted us to the meeting room and came down to see us off.  Even the Deputy Prime Minister who was on crutches because she had taken a recent fall-injury, followed this courtesy.  Reminds me of Omar and his servant entering Jerusalem.

How to increase "10 dollar/month paying" foreign members?

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In recent foreign visits, Chairman Khan has stepped-up his calls for increasing foreign members paying 10 dollar/month for the party.The ideal target is to gather 5000 such members and once achieved it can generate a continuous flow of money to run our party offices being opened (and already open) in all
districts of Pakistan.The foreign coordinators and officials are working hard to implement this task. I want to stimulate a discussion on how to increase paying foreign members. Please answer the following specific questions:

How do I become a Politician?

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I was talking with my brother in law the other day and we are discussing Pakistani politics. He is a software engineer and works at a software application firm.

He asked me the  if he wants to join politics, how will he manage it? "How will I support my family if I am a fulltime politician but not an elected member? How will I fund myself to gain political strength?How will I convince my parents, my family? How will I reach people? Basically, tell me how do I become a politician?"

The new look!

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As you have already noticed, website is under going some major changes. They are not completed yet, and some improvements will be made over the next few days. However I would like to mention how we want to move on from here.


Turkey: The model for Pakistan

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What can Pakistan learn from the successful model adopted by Turkey?  What does modern day Turkey have to teach us?

Praising Robbers

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Hai ahl-e-dil kay liyay ab yeh nazm-e-bast-o-kushaad,
Keh sang-o-khist muqayyad hain aur sag azaad.


Role of Aitzaz Ahsan "?"

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I would like to have a serious debate on the role of Aitzaz Ahsan. Most of us supported him because of his role in getting the chief reinstated for the first time, and then as a Lawyers leader. But after PPP came into power, few of his acts caused serious blows to lawyers movement. I dont know he did it deliberately or unintentionally. But consider the following acts and reply with your opinion.