Writing on the Wall By Jahanzeb Afzal

Created on Thursday, 21 September 2017 08:58 | 1569 Views
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Writing on the Wall By Jahanzeb Afzal

We have yet again gone through the so called Democratic process of electing a representative of the inhabitants of NA - 120 (Lahore) in the National Assembly. Irrespective of who won or why, one thing is more evident now than ever before and that is "The inherent flaws in our Constitution".
The biggest casualty of this flaw is MERIT.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid's loss bears testimony to this fact and nobody can deny it. Without getting into a long write-up on all the ills that ail Pakistan, I would suffice it to say that the present system is now pitched directly against National interests, albeit for the purposes of survival and self preservation of the present political leadership in particular and the associated elite in general. The inherent State instinct for survival is also mobilized. If the present political elite team prevails, Pakistan as a State will see unparalleled hardships in the very near future. The State in it's quest for survival will do all that it can to correct the course and that correction can only come about by packing up the present system. This is all in National interest, if you agree with my premise that the present political elite is fighting for it's own survival.

In all this, Imran Khan in particular and PTI in general must decide on it's course correction as well. Some very serious soul searching is required. Whether to be a unwilling part of the present political elite or to be a leader of the New Pakistan that Khan has promised the people of Pakistan. Imran Khan is the only person worth mentioning here out of the present lot and I personally want him to be the architect and developer of this New Pakistan. The State will win, I have no doubt about that, the regional situation, the stakeholders stakes in the whole game will make sure of that but the involvement of a political person like Imran Khan's stature will make this journey much easier. This is a trip we Pakistanis will have to make whether we like it or not.

The right decision at the right time produces good results provided one is clear on the objectives and charts a road map on how to get there.

In the end, the present Constitution of 1973 was framed by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto with a view to ensure a Political Dynasty for himself for all times to come. He framed it this way where even a donkey could contest the elections on Bhutto's ticket and win. Eventually Bhutto's remain all powerful. Kalsoom Nawaz's win proves my arguments to the "T".

Merit defeated and dynastic politics thrives yet again.

Let us all do some serious brainstorming on this.
May Allah bless all and guide us on the right path for a better future for all of us and our generations to come... Ameen