I am a woman By Momina Ali Niazi

Created on Sunday, 13 August 2017 16:38 | 703 Views
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I am a woman By Momina Ali Niazi

I am a woman.

I consider myself a liberal and a feminist. I work for women empowerment. I strongly believe that families, societies and nations prosper because of women. I understand the deprived status of women in our part of the world. I know the difficulties faced by women everyday be it their homes or work place. I comprehend the trouble a woman has to go through to be heard, to get justice; which she is denied more often than we care to admit.
I get it all… And because of this, I’d consider suing Ayseha Gulalai!

Gulalai has made a mockery of sexual harassment which is a very persistent and grave issue of our society.
She needs to be tackled with justly and swiftly; she has made it so much harder for women to come forward who are ACTUALLY victims of harassment.

We are a patriarchal society who are conditioned to oppress women and treat them as sex objects. We are misogynists, racists, sexists, bigots.
With this scenario in the back of our minds, many people feel that the moment a woman utters the words 'sexual harassment’, she MUST be right and this male-dominated world should burn! It seems like we are making up and apologizing for the society’s general attitude towards women. This is not feminism. This is abusing feminism. True feminsim is demanding equality for BOTH genders.

A liar IS a liar... be it a man or a woman... and should be dealt accordingly.

But, let us give Gulalai the benefit of doubt. It is in bad taste to dismiss her without reflecting on her side of the story. After all, it IS stupendously hard for a woman in our society to talk about sexual harrassment.
She might have been scared to blame a man beloved, respected and idolized by millions.
She might have been afraid of the backlash for her and her family.
She might have been anxious of the repurcussions on her political career.
Hence, she just might have taken 4 years’ time to dwell on it!

It is improbable but not impossible.

Impossible is lack of evidence to back-up her claims!
Impossible is finding the contradiction in her statements, within a span of minutes!
Impossible is hearing her flimsy cover-up stories!
Impossible is trying to make sense of her decision to not leave the party and her seat earlier!
Impossible is to ignore the timing of her coming out!
Impossible is to disregard the visible and covert support by PTI’s adversaries!
Impossible is…… believing her!

The tragedy is not Ayesha Gulalai’s drama script.
The tragedy is N-supporters desperate enough to believe it!

Putting Gulalai’s lies aside, let us ponder over another ugly aspect of this fiasco… The reaction of this nation! Yes, we became angry… Yes, we got frustrated… Yes, we felt played & cheated… And like always, the nation was polarized in its views.
However, no one can justify the threatening messages meant for Gulalai, inciting violence against her or her family and especially posting photos of her sister! (Who, as far as we know, is innocent).
We are better than this‼
What people do in their own lives is NOT our business.
What people do that affect others (this nation) IS our business!

A particular tweet (real or fake), doing rounds on social media regarding Gulalai was downright horrendous and disgusting.
What is unfortunate is that the tweet was liked by 3 people BUT shared by hundreds and thousands on social media!
Sometimes, it is more important to ignore and bury a hideous thing than to show it to the world for condemnation.

In all honesty, I feel sorry for Ayesha Gulalai. She is jut another pawn in the game of thrones!
And… What exactly did she achieve?
1. Money?
2. Notoriety?
3. Blacklisting her present and future generations?!

Is number 1 enough to make up for 2 & 3?
Only Gulalai can tell!

It is extremely ironic how it was not Imran Khan who was harrassing Gulalai BUT it were the prepertators of this ruse who used and abused her! She assisted them herself to be ridiculed on national television and become a pitiable spectacle.
Money works in strange ways……

I am a woman… And I am outraged.