The Political Death By Asim Khan

Created on Saturday, 12 August 2017 08:07 | 824 Views
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The Political Death By Asim Khan

Political Death of Nawaz and Sharif dynasty marked by bringing his pictures /posters in the parliament by PMLN. Great to see the remembrance service and its style. Every single seat was occupied - an opportunity not to be missed.

It was followed up by an elegant obituary by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi outlying the causes and repeatedly the words Supreme Court, judges, JIT and in heaps the name Imran Khan was mentioned, however he did not talk about the post mortem yet to take place by NAB to examine the symptoms, disease, and its deposits. However, the media had a field day by discussing huge reservoirs of this deadly disease which emanated out and found its way in various corners of the earth.

Also I would like to mention here that certain portion of media did however pay their respects by talking of the great grandeur by having various bacterial agents who kind of aided the demise of the family.

It was an awesome sight where the pictures were fluttered all across the parliament floor as a mark of respect. Quite a solemn occasion as the mafia's head, the great Godfather of corruption had been sentenced to lifetime ban and avoid any political activity.

Then after the great eulogy by Abbassi all the attendants decided to elect their next messiah who will carry out NS's work with great elegance and responsibility. One by one they gathered around the great casket of corruption with pictures of NS in their hands, necks to pay their respect.

It was indeed such a great occasion. A lifetime opportunity to participate in this corruption eulogy. The Sharif mafia had lost their finest ..

Great emphasis placed upon to remember NS and how he spent all his life in pursuit of that great dream he inherited and passed on.

In the end all participants left the hall with the pictures and posters to be taken to the Indian Ocean as it was the wish of the former PM to be thrown in there as a mark of great respect and to carry out his last wish they duly complied.

As those pictures and post initial post mortem report containing almost 9000 pages by the coroners carried by the grieving friends and families across the empty streets of Pakistan , the nation paid huge respects on social media , in electronic and print media chanting the famous slogan " Go Nawaz Go" as the deceased and his family and friends loved it so much as it became the colossal ingredient and war cry for them to amass huge deposits of wrath through that corruption.

History in its black pages will always remember the famous death of corruption. Family and the whole Sharif empire spiders and snakes were ecstatic they won't be forgotten as truly they had earned the right to be remembered. The nation will always remember their beloved Prime Minister ( to be read as Crime Minister) by chanting slogans of Go Nawaz Go every year.

Commentators, media personalities, analysts all day paid a great homage to the man and his work in such grandeur, majesty and eloquence that was never seen before. The departure of their not "so loved PM "and dynasty loved corruption to death, bits and pieces and that became the final nail as the final reason.

The nation demanded with the newly corrupted ( elected) Prime Minister to initiate the translation of 9000 pages into Urdu and other regional languages and distributed all over Pakistan, to have it placed at important places in Pakistan in museums and art galleries so the work of this great corrupt man and his mafia family to be remembered and preserved for future generations.

The funeral procession will be going on the Grand Trunk Road to Lahore. Public is so distressed with recent events and how they lost their not so loved Crime Minister, they have decided to stay at home, doors shut and glued to TV screens.